Photos from the 207 Squadron (RAF) Association
2011 Reunion, Hallmark Hotel, Derby
Saturday 3rd September 2011

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Alec White - Margaret White - Ken Williams

Margaret Watkins - Diana Mawby

Bob Kirby - Renee Haslam

Sqn Ldr Andy Scott - Alan Watkins

Flt Lt John Ryder marches in the Standard

Peter Bennet - Brian Smidmore - Flt Lt Al Blackford

Colin Bell - Dennis Mooney

Bob Kirby - Thos Murray

Mary and John Laing count the proceeds of the raffle

We took our final opportunity to have the Standard in our photos: Alan & Margaret Watkins - Sqn Ldr Andy Scott

Alec White

Frank Haslam

Roper Langford - Norman Enston

Gill and Colin Bell

Hugh Wynter - Penny Wilson

Bob Kirby - Thos Murray

Norman Enston - Sid Beaver

Deborah Lewis - Jock Wingate

Dorothy and Harry Bromwich

Flt Lt Keiron Gilroy - Nikki and Kevin Mapley

Flt Lt Keiron Gilroy - Fg Off Kriss Parry - Jess Emeny - Flt Lt Al Blackford - Flt Lt Jon Bond

The evening would not have been the same without them - our 207R guests
L-R: (obscured by request) - Flt Lt Keiron Gilroy, Student - Fg Off Kriss Parry, Student
Sqn Ldr Andy Scott OC/ex GR4s - Flt Lt Al Blackford, Student - Flt Lt Steve Broadbent QFI/ex VC10s
Flt Lt Jon Bond QFI 'Creamie'/2012 Display Pilot - Flt Lt John Ryder Standard Bearer QFI/ex Nimrod MR2s

John Laing ... captions if you must

53 were booked for the Dinner

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