Photos from the 207 Squadron RAF Association 2007 Reunion
Midland Hotel, Derby, 8th September 2007

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Association Secretary Kevin Mapley announces the Hotel Draw result - lucky Larry Collings!
We are very grateful to the Midland Hotel which donated this prize.

The total amount raised in connection with the reunion was 1,234.07: The Hotel Weekend raffle raised 720, the Raffle of prizes at the Dinner raised 372.07(!) and the mini auction of items donated by the families of the late John Mace and Maurice Jackman added 142.

Colin Bell - Alan and Diane Mawby - Clive Semple (whose father flew with the Squadron in WW1)


The Huntley family over from Canada - Kathleen, Charlie, Hanifa and Russell


Jim with old Eindhoven friend Kees Rijken, Petra Rijken: Mills


Maggie and Mike Holmewood over from Australia


Sid Beaver - Peter Valleley - Harry Bromwich (hidden) - Dorothy Bromwich - John Laing - Peter Coady - Mary Laing - Kevin Grant


Nat Bury - Peter Langdon - Jack Pegrum - Catherine Langdon


Bob Storey - John Banfield - Thos Murray


Gordon and Jeanne Moulton-Barrett, over from Florida: Mills


Jim Dickenson, John and Silvia Pearl: Mills


Frank Haslam snr with Ruth Alderson, the sister of his Navigator, John Shaw who was killed.


Kevin Mapley and Stephen Verralls, son of the late Bill Verralls


one of the displays and some of the albums again brought by Raymond Glynne-Owen


presentation to Betty Green by Thos Murray on behalf of the Association in the retirement of Dave Green as Treasurer


presentation of an engraved RAF decanter to Dave Green by Thos Murray on behalf of the Association
on Dave's retirement as Treasurer


Midland Hotel Resident Manager and old friend Jane Cryer helps Kevin with the Raffle

Alec and Margaret White: Mills

Catherine and Peter Langdon with Raymond Glynne-Owen: Mills

Doris and Frank Pollard: Mills

Fred and Renee Pearce: Mills

Reunion Secretary Frank Haslam with Midland Hotel Resident Manager Jane Cryer: Mills


Dorothy and Harry Bromwich: Mills


Carol and Frank Granger: Carol's dad was the late Chas Smith: Mills


Jim Taylor and Mrs Dorothy Alsop: Mills


Kath Glynne-Owen and Fred Pearce: Mills


Kate Harvey - Frank Haslam snr - Jeanne Harvey - Ruth Alderson: Mills


Mary and John Laing: Mills


Nikki Mapley and Tom Rogers: Mills


Mrs Penny Wilson, who brought Hugh Wynter: Mills


Sunday morning - Charlie Huntley from over from Canada with his 207 hat

Some other Reunion Albums

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