Photos from the 207 Squadron RAF Association
2003 Reunion, Midland Hotel, Derby

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'Magnificent Six' at table F for Freddie - L-R: Nat Bury, Flight Engineer,
Fred Pearce EM-F Ground crew and Friend Member Renee Pearce
photo - Ken Bate DFM (Air Bomber)

'Magnificent Six' at table F for Freddie - L-R: Mrs Joy Bury, Jack Pegrum DFM (WOp),
Jim Love DFC (Navigator), Mrs Amelia Stephens, Jack Stephens DFC (Pilot),
with Arthur Barfoot DFM (AG) back to camera
photo - Ken Bate DFM (Air Bomber)

Thos Murray DSO DFC* and Russ Jeffs AFC: photo - Nigel Lodge

Breakfast: L-R: Thos Murray DSO DFC*, Peter Ward-Hunt DFC*, Tim Chamberlin (Friend),
Mrs Gail Chamberlin, Lianne Beauchamp, Russ Jeffs AFC
photo - Nigel Lodge

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