Photos from the 207 Squadron RAF Association
2004 Reunion, Midland Hotel, Derby 11 Sep 2004

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Who's here and where are we sitting tonight?
Ernie Hay, Tony Mills, Jim Dickenson: Mills

Paul Stockley - Helen Dolding - Ian Hampton - Louise Hampton: Haslam

Denis Mooney - Dave Green - Erika Lyon - Ken Marwood: Haslam

Dorothy Ware & Alan Dolding: Haslam

Dorothy Ware & Ken Marwood: Haslam

Russ Jeffs and Dorothy Ware: Mills

All DFMs: Jack Pegrum, Nat Bury, Arthur Barfoot: Mills

Paul Stockley OC 207 designate - Alan Dolding OC 207R
Thos Murray, Acting CO May 42 - Russ Jeffs CO 1942 - Ian Hampton CO 1983-4: Haslam

Alan Dolding, the first of the new COs, Ian Hampton, last of the old: Haslam


Paul Stockley on 11 Sep, with Al Dolding: Paul officially succeeded Al on 13 Sep: Haslam

Alan & Helen Dolding: Haslam

Rachel Stockley and Paul Stockley: Haslam

Alan & Diane Mawby: Haslam

Frank snr & Renée Haslam: Haslam

Alan and Margaret Watkins: Haslam

Beverley & Tony Ruth: Haslam

Kevin & Nikki Mapley: Haslam

Colin Bell (2nd R) meets old friends: L-R Alan & Margaret Watkins, (CB), John Scullard: Mills

Pam Moore, Christine Moore (daughter and widow of Ron Moore), Malcolm Staves and Trixie Jones: Mills

John and Silvia Pearl: Glynne-Owen

The table of those on the French visit: Tony Mills, Peter Phelps, Sylvia Phelps, Olive Hay, Ernie Hay
(Raymond Glynne-Owen in the background): Mills

Fred and Renée Pearce: Haslam

Paul Stockley - caption suggestions?: Haslam

"That’ll stop the old bugger chasing my wife!”

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