The Wesseling Raid 21/22 June 1944
207 Squadron Roll of Honour

Lancaster LM578 EM-C F/O TT Smart DFC

t/o 2321 RAF Spilsby. Believed crashed in the North Sea off Overflakkee, Holland. The body of Sgt Bowes was washed up on the English coast, those buried in Holland washed up on the Dutch coast. FR Haslam did a X country with Sgt Wilson in this a/c on 27.5.44. Crew: all 8 KIA.

Trevor Smart's DFC

Pilot F/O Trevor Tressler Smart DFC age 20
F/E Sgt Ronald Charles McArthur age 19
Nav F/O Douglas John Faires age 20
B/A F/O Lyle Edward Bowes RAAF age 21
B/A2 F/S Leslie Frederick Jackson age 22
W/Op F/S Henry Archibald Shaw age 21
A/G Sgt Kenneth Walter Sansom age 21
A/G Sgt Charles David Boyce RCAF age 20
Castricum Protestant Churchyard, Holland
Castricum Protestant Churchyard, Holland
Cambridge City Cemetery, UK
Castricum Protestant Churchyard, Holland
Bergen General Cemetery, Holland
Westduin Gen. Cemetery, The Hague
Castricum Protestant Churchyard, Holland

Lancaster ME827 EM-I F/L GFW ‘Gally’ Gallagher DSO

t/o 2332 RAF Spilsby. Crashed on the Moerstraatsebaan, Bergen Op Zoom (Noord-Brabant), Holland
Crew: 7 KIA, buried in Bergen-op-Zoom Canadian Cemetery, Netherlands; 1 POW

Pilot F/L Frederick Whitton Gallagher DSO age 32
F/E P/O Maxwell Benjamin Millward age 33 Leatherhead War Memorial
Nav W/O Alfred Young POW age 31
Nav2 Sgt Raymond William Lloyd age 22
B/A F/S Ronald Parson Scott age 22
W/Op F/O Peter William Ball age 22
A/G Sgt Kenneth Waddington age 20
R/G Sgt Murray Sherman RCAF age 22

Lancaster LL973 EM-M P/O CJ ‘Mike’ Solly

t/o 2330 RAF Spilsby. Shot down going to target near Dorne (Opoeteren), E of the Bosbeek and 12km NE of Genk, Belgium - believed as result of a Schräge Musik attack.
Crew: 3 KIA, 2 POW, 2 Evaded

Pilot P/O Charles John Solly age 22
F/E Sgt Arthur Edward John Barton age 23
Nav F/S John Shaw age 22
B/A Sgt Charles Edward Chapman age 20
W/Op Sgt Frank Raymond Haslam age 20
A/G Sgt Edwin Jack Jewell age 23
R/G Sgt Peter Gordon Loakes age 20
Leopoldsburg CWGC, Belgium
Heverlee CWGC, Belgium
Heverlee CWGC, Belgium

It is believed that in one case the chute failed to open and that in the other the chute became entangled with the aircraft. Both John Shaw Jackie Jewell were found close to the aircraft and Mike Solly is believed to have been found still strapped in his seat. Frank Haslam was hidden for 13 weeks by the Delsaer family at their farm at Zutendaal. Arthur Barton was passed down an escape line to an MI9 holding camp in the Ardennes Forest.

Lancaster DV360 EM-U P/O EA Goodman

t/o 2323 RAF Spilsby. Crashed E of the Wehebach Stausee and between the villages of Grosshau & Kleinhau, 10km SSW of Duren, Germany. P/O Goodman came from Johannesburg and F/S Evans enlisted in Africa.
Crew: all 7 KIA, buried in Rheinberg War Cemetery, Germany

Pilot P/O Edwin Arthur Goodman age 22
F/E Sgt John Dawson Holland Pierce age 21
Nav F/S Joseph Pickett Shaw age 27
B/A F/S Denis Arthur Houben age 27
W/Op F/S David Kenneth McDonnell RAAF age 19
A/G Sgt George Lackie age 19
R/G F/S Eric Vincent Evans age 24

Lancaster ME683 EM-W F/O A Corless RCAF

t/o 2320 RAF Spilsby. Crashed at Anjerstraat, Meeuwen-Gruitrode, 23km NNE of Hasselt, Belgium and 8km SW of Bree.
Crew: all 7 KIA; first buried near church in Meeuwen but now all buried Adegem (Flanders) Canadian War Cemetery.

Pilot F/O Alvin Van Dyke Corless RCAF age unknown
F/E Sgt Kenneth Victor Barnes age 19
Nav Sgt Raphael Edward De Casagrande age 20
B/A F/O Bruce Allan Somers RCAF age 22
W/Op F/S Stanley Robert Bore age 23
A/G Sgt Joseph Francis Mireault RCAF age unknown
R/G Sgt James Ivan Magoffin RCAF age unknown

Complete Wesseling Roll of Honour

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