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ADDISON, Sgt William Walter George RAF(VR) 28 August 1943 age 21: Wireless Operator
Lancaster ED627 EM-N: Fitzgerald crew: op Nuremberg: all killed
West End, Southampton

BELL, P/O Cyril RAF(VR) 4 May 1944 age 22: Pilot
Lancaster ND575 EM-M: Bell crew: op Mailly-le-Camp: all killed
Bardney, Lincolnshire

BISHOP, F/Sgt Leon Eric Gordon RNZAF 11 June 1943 age 21: Rear Gunner
Lancaster ED537 EM-O: Elliott crew: op Dusseldorf: all killed, NKG
Norsewood Memorial, New Zealand

BOWS, Sgt Thomas RAF(VR) 26 February 1943 age 31: Mid Upper Gunner
Lancaster W4815 EM-C: killed when a/c attacked on return flight: op mining Nectarine II area
Bramley, Leeds panel 3

BURNE, F/O Colin RAF(VR): 28 July 1943 age 20: Pilot
Lancaster W4962 EM-B: Burne crew: op Hamburg 5 killed 2 pow
Barming, Kent

CARROLL, Flight Lieutenant Howard Bertram RAF(VR): Pilot
He was killed in an accident Monday,
19th November 1945. Age 24, buried in HANOVER WAR CEMETERY, Germany
207 Squadron on 14 October 1941, Manchester L7321 EM-D: Unsworth crew: op Cologne: 5 kia, 2 Evaded: 2nd Pilot
Evaded to Spain with Jack Newton and returned to active service. scroll down to November 1941
Comete Line scroll down to November 1941

CARTER, Sgt Andrew Joseph RAF(VR) 13 October 1941 age 26: Wireless Operator
Manchester L7312 EM-L: Bowes-Cavanagh crew: op Essen: 6kia, 1 POW:
Over St Mary and Over, Cambridgeshire War Memorial

CARTER, LAC Leslie Wilfred RAF(VR): 15 September 1941 age 24: Instrument Mechanic
Manchester L7318 EM-K: Crump crew: training, dived into ground S Hykeham, Lincs, whilst in circuit near Waddington with 6 ground crew aboard : 10 killed
Lincoln War Memorial

CHALDECOTT, Sgt Eric William John RAF(VR): 28 August 1942 age 32: Flight Engineer
Lancaster W4129 EM-R: Brown crew: crashed in North Sea op Kassel: 4 killed 3 pow
Bournemouth St Clements, Dorset

CHALMERS, Sgt Kenneth Stuart RAF 17 October 1942 age 19: Flight Engineer
Lancaster L7583 EM-A: Wilson crew: combat with Arado seaplanes: op Le Creusot
Hanworth War Memorial (Sgt Chalmers is not on the memorial but is commemorated by a short write-up in the church)

CHAPMAN, Sgt Thomas Arnold RAF: 20 May 1943 age 22: Flight Mechanic
Barnard Castle, Durham

COLLIN, Sgt Henry Oswald RAF(VR) 21 March 1945 age 23: Mid Upper Gunner
211, Dogsthorpe Road.
Lancaster PA196, EM-D, Lewis crew, from Spilsby to bomb a synthetic oil plant at Bohlen. Aircraft lost without trace, all seven crew commemorated at Runnymede.
Peterborough War Memorial - Air
The Lewis crew

COWHAM*, P (Sgt Stanley William?) RAF(VR) 29 April 1943 age 20: Air Gunner
Lancaster W4945 EM-Z: Rees crew: op Gardening 'Daffodil' (dropping sea mines) : all killed
Skegness, Lincolnshire

CROSS, F/Sgt Raymond Jack RAF(VR): 4 May 1944 age 26: Navigator
Lancaster ND575, EM-M, Bell crew: crashed 1 km E of Donnermarie-Dontilly, 15 km.SW of Provins Seine-et-Marne - all killed: op Mailly-le-Camp
Boston, Lincolnshire War Memorial

DAVIS, Sgt Clifford Francis Charles RAF(VR): 31 March 1944, age 21: Flight Engineer
Lancaster ND568 EM-L: Thornton crew: op Nuremburg: all killed
Vauxhall Motors, Luton, Bedfordshire

DEARMAN, P/O Derrick Roy DFC RAF(VR): 21 October 1944, age 20 Air Gunner
Lancaster ND564 EM-H: Burgess crew: op La Chapelle: 6 kia, 1 evaded
Stopsley, Bedfordshire

added Feb 2014
EBERT Flt Lt George Henry DFC RAF: 6 January 1944 age 29 Pilot
Lancaster ED586 EM-F: op Stettin - crashed near target - all kia
Felsted Remembers, Felsted and Little Dunmow War Memorials, Essex

EVERETT, Sgt Donald Charles RAF(VR): 20 February 1944 age 22: Mid Upper Gunner
Lancaster ME633 EM-Y: Clark crew: op Leipzig: all killed
Stainton by Langworth Baptist Church War Memorial, Lincolnshire
Stainton by Langworth, St John the Baptist Church
Langworth Cemetery Memorial, Lincolnshire

FRY, W/O David Wyndham RAF(VR): 12 August 1942 age 21: Pilot
Lancaster R5760 EM-Y: Fry crew: op Mainz: all killed
Baldock, Hertfordshire

GALLIMORE, Sgt John James RAF: 25 November 1942 age 26: Flight Engineer
Lancaster R5695 EM-C: Parkyn crew: op Haselunne: all killed
Wolverhampton, Staffordshire WW2 Roll of Honour

HAGUE, F/Sgt John RAF(VR): 19 July 1944 age 22: Navigator
Lancaster PD210 EM-C: McNaughton crew: op Revigny: 6 killed 1 evaded
Stalybridge, Cheshire

HAWKES, P/O William Dick RAF(VR): 13 May 1943 age 26: Pilot
Lancaster ED418 EM-G: Hawkes crew: op Duisburg from RAF Langar, crashed at Hilversum, Netherlands: all killed.
Soham Grammar School, Cambridgeshire (1928-31)
Swaffham Prior, St Mary
Shire Hall Cambridge Roll of Honour
A bent sixpence

HENDERSON, F/Sgt Arthur RAF(VR): 2 March 1945 age 21: Air Bomber
Lancaster ME473 EM-H: Lawson crew: collided with a 57 Sqn Lancaster ND572 during a fighter affiliation exercise on the night of 2nd March 1945. Both aircraft crashed into the Ruskington Fen area near Sleaford, Lincolnshire - both crews killed.
Sherburn Village War memorial
Crew of Lancaster EM-H ME 473, Cambridge City Cemetery - see this account of how his Unknown Airman war grave was finally attributed to him.

HOLLAND, Sgt John William Edward RAF: 6 August 1942 age 26: Rear Gunner
Lancaster R5761 EM-T: Ings crew: op Essen - all killed
Marshland Smeeth & The Fens War Memorial, Norfolk

JEPPS, Flt Lt Arthur Charles RAF: 12 July 1943 age 29: Navigator
Lancaster ED412 EM-Q: Badge crew: op Turin - all killed
Stepps Village War Memorial, North Lanarkshire

LACEY, F/O Arthur Norman RAF(VR): 3 March 1945 age 26: Air Bomber
Lancaster NG204 EM-M: Miller crew: op Ladbergen: all killed
Woodstock, Oxfordshire
West Somerton, Norfolk

LAWTON, Sgt Thomas Arnold RAF(VR): 21 March 1945 age 25: Rear Gunner
Lancaster PA196 EM-D: Lewis crew: t/o 2343 on 20th March from Spilsby to bomb a synthetic oil plant at Bohlen. Aircraft lost without trace, all seven crew commemorated at Runnymede.
Odde Rode War Memorial
The Lewis crew

LISTER, Jack AC2 RAF(VR): 15 September 1941 age 26: Ground crew
Manchester L7318 EM-K: Crump crew: training, dived into ground S Hykeham, Lincs, whilst in circuit near Waddington with 6 ground crew aboard : 10 killed
Lincoln War Memorial

MANSER, Sgt Dennis Rodney RAF(VR): 6 August 1942 age 20: Air Gunner
Lancaster R5761 EM-T: Ings crew: op Essen: all killed
All Saints, Parish Church of Maidstone, Kent

MASON, P/O Frank RAF(VR): 14 October 1941 age 26: Rear Gunner
Manchester LM7321 EM-D: Unsworth crew: op Cologne Railway Station 5 killed, 2 evaded
St Margaret's Church, Swinton, near Mexborough, South Yorkshire.
Visit to
Heverlee War Cemetery, Belgium

McINTOSH, F/O Peter Cameron RAF(VR): 25 July 1944 age 20: Pilot
Lancaster PB294 EM-G: McIntosh crew: op Donges: all killed:
Queen's College Cambridge Roll of Honour

MILLWARD, P/O Maxwell Benjamin RAF(VR): 22 June 1944 age 33: Flight Engineer
Lancaster ME827 EM-I: Gallagher crew: crashed on Moestraatsebaan at Bergen-op-Zoom, Netherlands: op Wesseling: 7 killed 1pow
Leatherhead, Surrey

MOULDING, F/Sgt Ernest RAF: 14 October 1941: age 21: Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
Manchester L7321 EM-D: Unsworth crew: crashed at Hozemont, Belgium: op Cologne, 5 killed, 2 evaded
Branston, Lincolnshire

MORRIS, F/O Gordon RAF(VR): 5 March 1945 age 25: Navigator
Lancaster NG320 EM-F: De Garis crew: op Bohlen: lost at sea: all killed
Wolverhampton, Staffordshire WW2 Roll of Honour

PAINE, Sgt Keith RAF(VR): 19 July 1944 age 20 (Kenneth in 207 RoH): Rear Gunner
Lancaster ME681 EM-T: Weekes crew: crashed at Margny, 10km NE Montmirail, France: op Revigny: all killed
Barton, Bedfordshire
Weekes crew, Margny

PAYTON, Sgt Stanley RAF(VR): 23 June 1943 age 22: Wireless Operator
Lancaster ED692 EM-W: Herrin crew: op Mulheim: all killed
Ely World War II - Roll of Honour

READ, F/Sgt John Thornton RAF(VR): 6 April 1944 age 21: Air Bomber
Lancaster ME685 EM-C: Senior crew: op Toulouse: all killed
Barrington, Cambridgeshire

REEMAN, P/O Edward Arthur RAF: 13 August 1941 age 20: Observer
Manchester L7381 EM-R Smith crew: Shot down by Dornier 215 crashed Lange Dijk, Holland: op Berlin: all killed
Grantchester, Cambridgeshire

RICHARDSON, Sgt Arthur William RAF(VR): 29 June 1943 age 22: Air Bomber
Lancaster ED569 EM-B: Russell crew crashed near Wognum, 7km NNW Hoorn, Netherlands: op Cologne: all killed
Looe, Cornwall

ROPER, Sgt Albert Derrick RAF(VR): 5 July 1944 age 19: Rear Gunner
Occupation: Apprentice Joiner
Lancaster LM125 EM-G: Wilson crew: op St Leu d'Esserent: all killed
Northallerton War Memorial

SIMMONS, F/Sgt Alfred John RAF(VR): 6 January 1944 age 21: Rear Gunner
Lancaster ED586 EM-F: Ebert crew: crashed near target: op Stettin: all killed
Haywards Heath, Sussex

SPENCE, Sgt James Arthur RAF(VR) 12 July 1943 age 21: Air Gunner
Lancaster ED412 EM-Q: Badge crew: op Turin: all killed
Althorpe, Lincolnshire

SPICER, Sgt Stanley Oswald RAF(VR): 19 August 1942 age 31: Wireless Operator
Lancaster R5863 EM-K: Fordwych crew: crashed at Normanton, Notts., when on overshoot, training: all killed
Hitchin, Hertfordshire

STAPLETON, Sgt Cyril RAF(VR): 5 July 1944 age 19: Mid Upper Gunner
Lancaster LM125 EM-G: Wilson crew: crashed between Apremont (Oise) and Vineuil-St-Firmin, 2km NE Chantilly: op St. Leu d'Esserent: all killed
Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire

TAYLOR, F/Lt John Gordon RAF(VR): 29 January 1944 age 21: Pilot
Lancaster LM366 EM-H: Taylor crew: op Berlin 7killed 1pow
Esher War Memorial - 1939-45 panels

TOOHILL, Sgt Noel Messines RAAF: 9 January 1942 age19: 2nd Pilot
Manchester L7322 EM-Q: Bayley crew: op Gardening, Brest: all killed
Churchie OBA (Anglican Church Grammar School, East Brisbane, Australia)

TYLER, Sgt George RCAF: 29 April 1943 age 22: Flight Engineer
Lancaster W4945 EM-W: Rees crew: op mining Daffodil sea area: all killed:
Crescent Heights High School, Calgary; Fatal Casualties World War Two

UPSALL, Sgt Walter RAF(VR): 27 April 1944 age 20: Mid Upper Gunner
Lancaster LM526 EM-R: Muir crew: op Schweinfurt: all killed
Boston, Lincolnshire War Memorial

WALKER, F/Sgt Thomas Jack RAF(VR): 12 March 1943 age 24: Mid Upper Gunner
Lancaster ED604 EM-A: Doble crew: op Essen: all killed
Symington, Ayrshire

WEBB, Sgt Windsor Francis Richard RAF(VR) 25 November 1942 age 19: Air Gunner
Lancaster R5695 EM-C: Parkyn crew: op Haselunne: all killed, NKG
Peterborough Cathedral - King's School War Memorials

WELCH, Sgt Roy Desmond RAF(VR): 13 March 1941 age 26: Wireless Operator
Manchester L7313 EM-C: Matthews crew: shot down by Ju88 intruder of I/NJG2 Gilze-Rijen, Oblt H Hahn after take off, crashed at Whisby, Lincs: op Hamburg: all killed
Portslade & West Hove, Sussex

WHEELER, F/O George Howard RCAF: 25 February 1943 age 24: Observer
Lancaster ED356 EM-W: Sexton crew: op Nuremberg: all killed
Wingham Ontario Cenotaph

WHITEHOUSE, Fg/Off Gordon RAF: 3 December 1954 age 23: Navigator
Canberra WH906: Hasler crew: crashed on approach to Marham
Darlington Crematorium On-Line Book of Remembrance

WILLIAMS, Thomas Ross RAF: 28 November 1939 age 21: Pilot
Battle L5729: training: crashed on take off, Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire
Cranfield - Roll of Honour

WOODHOUSE, F/Sgt Roland Reuben RAF(VR): 2 October 1943 age 20: Navigator
Lancaster DV184 EM-O: Bremner crew: crashed on take-off, Langar: 5 killed
Shaw and Crompton War Memorial, Lancashire

WORTHINGTON, Sgt Denis Leonard RAF(VR): 24 July 1942 age 26: Wireless Operator
Lancaster R5867 EM-T: McCarthy crew: op Duisberg: all killed
Studham, Bedfordshire

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