207 Squadron Valiants

207 Squadron was part of the Marham Wing of the V-Force, based at RAF Marham in Norfolk. This played a key part in the UK's deterrent policy.

207 flew Vickers Valiants from July 1956 until February 1965, when Valiants were withdrawn as a result of the decision not to re-spar them to address the fatigue problems induced by the change to a low level role.

WP210 SOC 1.3.65 WZ405 to 138 Sqn
WP217 to 7 Sqn XD812 to 214 Sqn
WP219 SOC 1.3.65; scrapped at Marham XD813 to 90 Sqn
WP221 SOC 5.3.65: to P&EE Shoeburyness XD815 to 138 Sqn
WZ361 SOC 16.6.65 XD828 SOC 5.3.65
WZ363* dived into the ground S of Market Rasen 6.5.64 XD858 to 214 Sqn
WZ401 SOC 5.3.65 XD865 SOC 5.3.65
WZ402 SOC 1.3.65 XD873 to 138 Sqn
WZ403 SOC 1.3.65; scrapped at Marham XD875 to 138 Sqn: nose section when at NAM
WZ404 SOC 1.3.65; scrapped at Marham    

[source: Always Prepared p219: SOC = struck off charge]: * 148 Sqn Valiant with a 207 Squadron crew