Valiant XD875: nose section
formerly* at Newark Air Museum

XD875 crew hatch

note that only the pilot and co-pilot were equipped with ejection seats.
Sir James Martin of Martin-Baker proved that the 'back three' (AEO, Nav and Nav Radar) could be equipped with ejection seats but the MoD decided against fitting them in V-Bombers. When a Vulcan crashed at Heathrow with the loss of some of the crew, Martin is said to have accused the RAF of using "flying crematoria".

* Reports say that XD875, which belongs to a private collector, was brought to Newark from
Bruntingthorpe in order for work to be done to restore the interior and to strengthen the floor.
It took part in a successful 'Cockpitfest' at Newark and was said to be on loan for 5 years.
However, it has now left Newark and is understood to be with a museum in Scotland - more information when available.
XD875 was the last Valiant to be produced.

XD875: looking from the crew hatch towards the co-pilot seat: on the left
the back of the pilot's seat. Note that the pilots sat at a higher level than the 'back three'.


XD875: looking above the 'back three' to the ditching exit.


XD875: looking at some of the instrumentation used by the 'back three'.


XD875: looking directly across from the crew hatch to
meters laid out in a schematic of the aircraft.

Further images (Damien Burke)

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