Squadron photo, taken in front of a Pembroke

WV746 was one of six Pembrokes that 207 operated from February 1969 to March 1977. It went to 60 Sqn and is now preserved at the RAF Museum Cosford. image source Andrew Dawson



(source Always Prepared)
to Ministry of Technology
to 60 Sqn, now preserved at Cosford, see above
became 8113M 3.71: preserved at Cardiff Airport for a time
SOC 21.6.72
to 21 Sqn
to 60 Sqn - see Devons 69-72

June 2007 - Fred Butcher (Pilot 72-76): Pembroke XK884 was my aircraft when I flew around AOC 18 Group. It now resides at Shoreham. It had non standard marking in a very thick blue flash

On 7 September 2008 a party from the 207 Squadron Association Annual Reunion in Derby made their way to Cosford primarily to view the National Cold War Exhibition. These images of WV746 were taken then:

WV746 front view: it is in the markings of its service with 60 Sqn

WV746 starboard engine

WV746 tail

According to Cosford, Pembroke C1 WV746, which was in the Transport/Training Hall, has the following history:

This aircraft became the personal aircraft of the Commander-in-Chief RAF Germany in 1974.
16 Mar 56 issued to 2nd Tactical Air Force Communications Squadron, Germany
8 Jul 57 Returned to UK 49 MU
4 Jan 60 Issued to HQ Maintenance Command Handling Squadron, RAF Andover
10 Nov 60 HQ Bomber Command Communications Squadron, RAF Booker
23 Jun 61 To 49 MU, RAF Colerne
9 Jun 62 Reissued to HQ Bomber Command Communications Squadron
29 Mar 63 Issued to Flying Training Command Communications Squadron, RAF White Waltham
3 Apr 64 Issued to HQ Flying Training Command Communications Flight, RAF White Waltham
15 May 64 Issued to Western Communications Squadron, RAF Andover
13 Feb 69 Name changed to No.21 Squadron
12 Jun 71 To British Aircraft Corporation for modification
31 Jan 73 To No.207 Squadron [RAF Northolt]
1 Dec 75 To No.60 Squadron [RAF Wildenrath]
7 Aug 81 To 5 MU, RAF Kemble
19 Sep 81 To RAF Wildenrath
13 Apr 87 To Aerospace Museum, Cosford, as 8938M

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