Visit to France, 9-12 July 2004
Association du 207ème escadron de la RAF
Visite à Neaufles-Saint-Martin et Sérifontaine, 9-12 juillet 2004
Photos (version 9 Sep 2004)

9/7/04: A welcome at the Mairie, Neaufles St Martin: Claude Le Roux 3rd left: source The Mills


10/7/04: Milner crew crash site memorial, Neaufles-Saint-Martin: Address
centre: 1 - 2 source Tom Rogers


10/7/04 Neaufles-Saint-Martin: Milner crew crash site memorial, dedicated in 1994; note the stone 207 Squadron badge

source Tom Rogers


10/7/04: Neaufles-Saint-Martin: Memorial to the Deportees who did not return and members of the Resistance who lost their lives.
source The Mills

diary entry on the finding of those killed in the Milner crew

10/7/04 Neaufles-Saint-Martin cemetery: source: Tom Rogers

10/07/04 Neaufles St Martin Cemetery
Milner crew graves

L: headstone to Sgt Arthur Barrett & Sgt Ronald Collings
M: headstone to F/Sgt John Miller
R: headstone to F/O Michael Milner & Sgt Edward Palmer

Our poppy wreath is at the bottom of the V:

Laid by No.207 Squadron
Royal Air Force Association
To the Memory of those of
the crew of
Lancaster EM-B ND866 killed in action
F/O Michael N Milner,
F/Sgt John Miller
Sgt Edward W Palmer
Sgt Ronald C Collings,
Sgt Arthur C Barrett
who lie here

source: The Mills




10/7/04 Neaufles-Saint-Martin cemetery:
Collings family at the grave of Sgt Ronald C Collings

Note propellor blade at the back of the middle grave.

source: Tom Rogers



10/7/04 Bézu St Eloi: Peter Phelps laying our wreath to Sgt 'Bar' Jacques: source The Mills

10/7/04 Bézu St Eloi
Our wreath laid at the grave of Sgt Beresford M Jacques

Laid by No.207 Squadron
Royal Air Force Association
on behalf of the family of
Sergeant Beresford Matthew Jacques
of the Milner crew
Lancaster EM-B ND866
His widow Grace and Daughter Carole
“who think of ‘Bar’ every day”

source: The Mills



11/7/04: Sérifontaine: Hordley crew memorial: source The Mills


Sgt Richard G Seddon

Sgt John Marwood, F/O Charles E Stamp
12/7/04 Auvers-sur-Oise cemetery/cimitière: those who died in the Stamp crew/les aviateurs morts de l'équipage Stamp source: Tom Rogers


Some of 207's finest