Groundcrew are usually not listed by name in the Unit Returns or Monthly Amendment Lists (Form 449).

There are records of 207 Squadron deployments to its dispersal airfield, Cranwell for KINSMAN exercises during the period 1961-63. Later such exercises are less productive of names following the advent of Centralised Servicing.

The surname alphabetical order list below is derived from such records:

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Algar Cpl Inst Fitt (G) 6/62
Allen, T Cpl Inst Fitt Gen 9/61
Allenby SAC A/F Mech 6/62
Ambrose, T SAC A/F Mech 9/61
Anderson, GA Ch Tech ASC 5/62
Anderson, GH Snr Tech Afr Fitt 9/61
Antrobus Chf Tech Afr Fitt 5/62
Austin Cpl Elect Fitt (A) 5/62

Bagshaw SAC Afr Mech 5/62
Baker, G Cpl Tech ? Rad Fitt (BD) 10/63
Barnes Cpl/T Air Rad Fitt (BD) 5/62
Barnes, AE Cpl Tech ? Rad Fitt 10/63
Barnett, GH Cpl Tech Air Radar Fitt 9/61
Belcher Cpl/T Air Wireless Fitt 5/62
Berry SAC Air Rad Mech (Bd) 5/62
Bevan, RJ Cpl Air Wireless Fitt 9/61
Blundew SAC A/F Mech 6/62
Blunt, DJ Cpl Eng Fitt 9/61
Boland J/T Airframe Fitt 5/62
Borrett SAC Elec Mech (A) 5/62
Bosworth, C J/T Elec Fitt 9/61
Brady SAC A.F Mech 6/62
Browning, D J/T Eng Fitt 9/61
Burns, R LAC Elec Mech Ground 9/61
Burr Sgt Inst Fitt 5/62

Cartwright, H Chf Tech ASC 5/62
Chalkley SAC Air Rad Mech 5/62
Chapman, MS Cpl Air Radar Fitt 9/61
Chubb Sgt Air Rad Mech (BD) 5/62
Corbet, DK Chf Tech ASC 5/62
Courtnage, WC Sgt A/F Fitter 9/61
Coyne, PB SAC Arm Mech 9/61
Craggs, F Plt Off Equipment Off 6/62
Crook, BE Chf Tech Eng Fitt ASC 9/61
Crump, HJ WO Acr Fitt 5/62

Davidson, DS SAC Inst Mech 9/61
Davis, RG Fg Off Adjutant listed Sep 1961
Dodds, M Chf Tech Acr Fitt ASC 9/61
Dorey SAC ? Mech (A) 5/62
Dowberry, BP Cpl Inst Fitter G 9/61
Drummond, CJ SAC Arm Mech B 9/61
Dyde Chf Tech Elec Fitt (A) 5/62

Edmonson Sgt Eng Fitt 6/62
Eglen Cpl Elec Fitt (N) 5/62
Ellis Chf Tech A/F Fitt 6/62
Ellis, RK Cpl Tech Elec Fitt 9/61
Elvin, BV Cpl Air Radar Fitt 9/61

Fell F/S GDSigs 5/62
Ferguson Cpl Elec Fitt (A) 5/62
Fiddy, R Cpl/T Air Radar Fitt 5/62
Findlay J/T Inst Fitt (G) 5/62
Finnie J/T Airframe Fitt 5/62
Flynn Cpl Inst Fitter (G) 6/62
Ford Cpl Tech Air Radar Fitt (BD) 5/62
Foster, JB [should be JR] SAC Inst Fitter Gen 9/61
Fryer, CAH Cpl Tech Eng Fitt 9/61

Garbut, E J/T Inst Fitter Nav 9/61
Gardner SAC A/F Mech 6/62
Garratt, EF Sgt A/F Fitter 9/61
George, GW Cpl Tech Air Radar Fitt 9/61
Graham-Kevan, R Cpl Elec Fitt (A) 10/63
Green, CJ SAC Elec Mech 9/61
Griffiths, D J/T Air Fr Fitt 10/63
Gurney SAC Eng Mech 6/62

Hadden, J M Tech ASC 10/63
Hale LAC Elec Mech 5/62
Hall SAC Air Rad Mech 6/62
Hall SAC Airframe Mech 5/62
Hamlyn SAC A/F Mech 6/62
Hanna, C Sgt Arm Fitter 9/61
Hardiman SAC Afr Mech 5/62
Harper, DM Chf Tech Afr Fitt ASC 9/61
Harris Cpl Eng Fitt 5/62
Harrison, J M/T Acr Fitt ASC 9/61
Hay SAC Inst Mech 6/62
Hayton J/T Eng Fitt 5/62
Head, BR SAC Elec Mech 9/61
Heathcote, RH WO Acr Fitt 9/61
Hind, P Cpl/T Airframe Fitt 5/62
Hodgson LAC A/F Mech 6/62
Hogarth Cpl Airframe Fitt 5/62
Hope Cpl Inst Fitt (N) 5/62
Hull Chf Tech ASC 5/62
Humphreys SAC Clerk GD 6/62
Hutchinson J/T Eng Fitt 5/62

Jackson SAC Eng Mech 5/62
Jacotine, A Ch Tech Air Fr Fitt 10/63
Jarvis, BA J/T A Rad Fitt 6/62
Jocelyn Cpl Air W Fitt 5/62
Johnston, L Cpl Air Radar Fitt 9/61
Jones Chf Tech Eng Fitt 6/62
Jones, H Sgt Elect Fitt Air 9/61

Kearn, MD SAC Arm Mech 9/61
Kennedy LAC Airframe Mech 5/62
Kent, M J/T Air Fr Fitt 10/63
King Cpl Eng Fitt 5/62

Lambert Cpl Airframe Fitt 5/62
Lang Cpl Tech Afr Fitt 5/62
Langdon Cpl Elec Fitt (G) 5/62
Langton, T Cpl Air Radio Fitt 9/61
Larsen, JM SAC Eng Mech 9/61
Law, C SAC Elec Mech 9/61
Lawson, WJF Cpl Inst Fitter Nav 9/61
Leader SAC Afr Mech 5/62
Lemon J/T Eng Fitt 5/62
Lloyd Cpl/T Air Radar Fitt 5/62
Lloyd, D Plt Off Tech Elect 5/62
Long Cpl Air Wireless Fitt 5/62

Mackay SAC A/F Mech 6/62
Mackinnon Cpl Tech Air Radio Fitt 5/62
Makepeace, D Cpl Inst Fitt 10/63
Manley, MH Cpl Eng Fitt 9/61 [actually Elec Fitter]
Mayle, B LAC Eng Mech 10/63
McLoughlin SAC A/F Mech 6/62
McMasters AO E Mech (G) 6/62
Mercer S/T Air Rad Fitt (Bd) 5/62
Millar, JH Chf Tech Afr Fitt ASC 9/61
Modcroft Cpl Afr Fitt 5/62 (?Medcroft, B)
Moore, F Sen Tech Air Radio Fitt 9/61
Munday J/T Inst Fitter (N) 6/62

Needham Sgt E Fitt (A) 6/62
Nettleship, E Ch Tech ASC 10/63
Newman, GE Elec Fitt (A) 10/63
Noble Cpl/T Air Rad Fitt (BD) 5/62

O’Brien Cpl Inst Fitt (N) 5/62
O’Hare J/T Air Wireless Fitt 5/62
O’Keefe, BF SAC Eng Mech 9/61
O’Mara, ET Sgt ? Rad Fitt (BD) 10/63
Ockenden, JH SAC Air Radar Mech 9/61
Ollier SAC A/F Mech 6/62

Palmer Sgt Afr Fitt 5/62
Palmer J/T Afr Fitt 5/62
Parsons Sgt Eng Fitt 5/62
Patient, F Sgt Air Rad Fitt 5/62
Payne SAC Eng Mech (A) 6/62
Perry, AR Ch Tech ASC 5/62
Peto, RM Chf Tech Eng Fitt ASC 9/61
Phillips Cpl Tech Afr Fitt 5/62
Pocock Cpl T A/F Fitt 5/62
Pressling, J Cpl Tech Air Radio Fitt 9/61
Preston, T Cpl Eng Fitt 10/63
Price, F Chf Tech Eng Fitt 9/61

Rawkins Cpl A.F Fitt 6/62
Reynolds Cpl/T Air Rad Fitt (BD) 5/62
Roberts J/T Inst Fitt (N) 5/62
Roberts, PC SAC Airframe Mech 9/61
Robinson Cpl Eng Fitt 5/62
Roddis, J Chf Tech Eng Fitt ASC 9/61
Rudd, RD SAC Arm Assist 9/61
Rutland J/T Eng Fitt 5/62

Salisbury, J M/Tech Acr Fitt ASC 5/62
Scrine SAC Air Radar Mech (BD) 5/62
Scriven, AWH Sgt RAF Admin 5/62
Scully SAC A/F Mech 6/62
Sewards SAC A/F Mech 6/62
Sharman, M Cpl Eng Fitt 5/62
Skeet Cpl Air Radio Fitt 5/62
Smith Cpl Air Rad Fitt (BD) 6/62
Smith, DC Cpl Arm Fitter B 9/61
Smith, GW SAC A/F Mech 9/61
Smith, RM Sgt Inst Fitter G 9/61
Smout Cpl Afr Fitt 5/62
Soward SAC Airframe Mech 5/62
Squiren Chf Tech ASC 5/62
Stevens, A SAC Afr Mech 5/62

Thomas Cpl Elect Fitt (A) 5/62
Thompson Sgt Clerk GD 6/62
Thomson LAC Inst Mech 6/62
Timbers Chf Tech A/F Fitt 6/62
Tubb LAC Inst Mech 5/62

Ward Cpl Elect Fitt (A) 5/62
Watson, M LAC Air Radar Mech 9/61
Watt Chf Tech ASC 5/62
Webber, WS Cpl Tech Air Radio Fitt 9/61
West, T SAC Afr Mech 5/62
White SAC Inst Mech 5/62
White, C Cpl Air Radar Fitt 10/63
Wilkie SAC Elect Mech (A) 5/62
Willard, B Chf Tech Afr Fitt ASC 9/61
Williams, H Cpl A/F Fitter 9/61
Williams, J Sen Tech Air Radar Fitt 9/61
Wilson, Cpl D Air Wireless Fitt 9/61
Wilson, J/T Elec Fitt A 5/62
Winter Jnr Tech Afr Fitt 5/62
Winyard, DE LAC ? Mech 10/63
Worthington J/T Eng Fitt 5/62

Youds, PW SAC Air Radar Mech 9/61
Young SAC Eng Mech 6/62

Aircrew posting records for 207's Valiant era at Marham

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