Photos from the 207 Squadron RAF Association 2008 Derby Reunion
Visit to the RAF Museum Cosford
Sunday 7th September 2008

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RAF Museum Cosford - the National Cold War Exhibition Hall on a grey September Sunday.
The day got brighter later on and our party of 23 had an interesting time, by all accounts, both in this and the other halls.

ex Valiant or families: L-R Alan Watkins, Jess Emeny (Ron), John Cartwright, Jock Wingate
Deb Lewis (George Mills), Colin Bell, Richard Mills (George Mills), Norman Hamer
in front of RAFM Cosford's Valiant XD818, 49 Sqn, in the National Cold War Exhibition Hall.

The same group showing more of the Valiant

Our party: L-R Just Kroon, Tiny Kroon, Paul Anstee, Alec White, Margaret Watkins, Margaret White, John Cartwright
Reo Cartwright, Alan Watkins, Jess Emeny, Jock Wingate (partially hidden), Desmond Harvey, Jeanne Harvey,
Gill Bell, Deb Lewis, Colin Bell, Richard Mills, Jan and Mary Hamer

Valiant XD818 and Bomb

Valiant XD818 rear port view: a Canberra PR9 is suspended above

Valiant XD818, starboard back three emergency exit

Valiant XD818 front view, nestling beside Victor tanker XH672 in 55 Sqn colours

Valiant XD818: Deb Lewis and Richard Mills, daughter and son of Flt Lt George Mills

Javelin FAW1 XA564: it was in a Javelin that our late President AVM David Dick earned his AFC.

Desmond and Jeanne Harvey, Tiny and Just Kroon: Just was the prime mover behind the
memorial in Holland to
the 207 Squadron Lancaster crew in which Jeanne's father, Sgt Ronald Dampier, was Mid Upper Gunner.

A section of the Berlin Wall at Cosford

On this visit new images were also taken of:

- the 207 Devon VP952
- the
207 Pembroke WV746
- the Cosford
Avro Lincoln

These have been added to the appropriate pages on this website as linked above.

Midland Hotel, Derby Saturday 6th September 2008

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