207 Squadron RAF Association Belgium 21/22 June 1944
Corless Crew Memorial - Meeuwen
The Aircraft ME683 EM-W

temporary b&w image from the colour print given to the town: source Mapley

Lancaster mkI ME683 EM-W was one of a batch of 250 manufactured by Metropolitan-Vickers between November 1943 and January 1944. It arrived on 207 Squadron on 7th March 1944 and had completed 225h 5min hours service before failing to return from the Wesseling Raid in 21/22 June 1944.

The Secretary of 207 Sqn RAF Association, Friend Member Kevin Mapley, has a particular interest in this aircraft as it was frequently used from new by the Glann crew in which his uncle, the late Geoff Littlemore served. Geoff Littlemore's son Geoff is also a Friend Member of the Association. When the Glann crew completed their tour, ME683 was 'inherited' by the Corless crew.

Kevin notes that for the Glann crew this aircraft was affectionately known as Wilber. Sgt Geoff Littlemore of the Glann crew wrote in his logbook "21st June 1944. On this fateful day 'W' Wilber went to her last resting place in the centre of the Third Reich. Mourned by her crew who had complete and undying faith in her and her structure."

The Corless crew also did an operation in EM-M LL973 on 16th June 1944, to Beauvoir: the crash site of that aircraft near Dorne was visited during the weekend of the dedication of the Corless crew memorial at Meeuwen.

ME683 EM-W sorties (all in 1944, from RAF Spilsby)

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