Solly crew EM-M LL973 - the aircraft

A representation of 207 Sqn Lancaster EM-M LL973 in red tail fin daylight markings applied the morning of 21 June 1944 in preparation for daylight operations. That night, with the Solly crew, it was shot down on its 16th operational sortie, on Wesseling: source Haslam

According to The Lancaster File, compiled by JJ Halley (Air Britain, 1985) this aircraft was one of a batch of 350 Lancaster Is delivered between November 1943 and August 1944 by Armstrong Whitworth. It arrived on No.207 Squadron at RAF Spilsby on 11th May 1944 and by the time it was lost on its 16th operational sortie (P/O CJ Solly, Wesseling) on 22nd June 1944, it had logged 81.35 flying hours.





(11/12.5.44)   flight testing on Squadron
19.5.44 Wg Cdr Grey AMIENS (recalled by R/T on target, did not bomb)
21/22.5.44 F/Sgt Boyce DUISBURG (City attack)
22/23.5.44 F/O Oakes BRAUNSCHWEIG (City attack)
24/25.5.44 P/O Eaton ANTWERP (Did Not Complete Operation)
26/27.5.44 P/O Grant SILVERTHORNES (‘Gardening’ – laying of sea mines)
27/28.5.44 S/L Pattinson ST.VALERY-EN-CAUX (Coastal Batteries)
1/2.6.44 P/O Solly SAUMUR (Railway junction)
3/4.6.44 P/O Eaton FERME D'URVILLE (Signals station)
4/5.6.44 Wg Cdr Grey MAISY (Coastal Batteries)
5/6.6.44 Wg Cdr Grey LA PERNELLE (Coastal Batteries, dawn of D-Day)
7/8.6.44 Wg Cdr Grey BALLEROI/FORĘT DE CERISY important road junction/fuel dumps/tank units: shot down two Ju88 and an ME210 or Me410)
9/10.6.44 P/O Solly ETAMPES (Did Not Complete Operation – port inner engine u/s, landed with bomb load)
12.6.44 P/O Solly CAEN (Communications attack)
14/15.6.44 Wg Cdr Grey AUNAY SUR ODON (Panzer concentration)
16/17.6.44 F/O Corless BEAUVOIR (Ammunition/fuel dumps)
21/22.6.44 P/O Solly WESSELING (synthetic petrol plant near Cologne) a/c failed to return, probably shot down by a Schräge Musik equipped fighter (upward firing guns) outbound, crashing near Dorne, AS, Belgium)

OC 207 Sqn Wg Cdr Grey's crew: JS Cook, B/A - Bob Jacks, W/Op - Alfred Hall, Nav
John Grey, Pilot - Larry Sutherland, M/U - Wallace McIntosh, R/G: Tommy Young, F/E was
away on a course at Rolls-Royce when this was taken, probably in July 1944.