2736640 TREVOR PALMER - posted in October 1955

Trevor emails Aug 2009: Whilst looking up 207's connection with Bottesford for a friend I came across your listing for the Marham era. Not being in the exalted ranks of those listed I thought you might just be interested in my time at Marham. I was National Service (2736640 I believe) and was at Gaydon (Station Flight, not on the Valiants) being a Radar Mech, Ground Crew SAC for my first year up until Oct 55 when I was posted to Marham - 207 I believe.

I do remember the CO was Hodges and these were my highlights:

  1. Visit by the Queen and being surprised how small she was.

  2. Visit by Bulganin and Kruschev, though I missed this because I was on compassionate leave due to my father having had a heart attack. At this time the three V-bombers were gathered at Marham and, greatly daring, I took a snapshot of them from a hangar. The Victor was in its white paint (still a prototype?) - I think I still have this somewhere.

  3. A squadron of Hunters crashed in and around because of foggy weather and I was excused guarding one only at the last minute because the wreckage had been cleared.

  4. Promotion at last and 'in charge' of officers (to my embarrassment) ... I was elected Captain of the 207 soccer team (I wasn't very good) and we went on to win the Inter-Section cup, though I missed the final due to the above-mentioned leave. Our star was a Scottish pro and I seem to remember either Alloa or Arbroath on the back of his tracksuit but not his name.

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