207 Squadron (RAF) Association Newsletters 2013
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New Year 2013 - New Spilsby Memorial Dedicated

1 President's page - Alan Watkins: Change of venue for 2013 reunion; Review of Association Constitution; Future of the Association
3 The Dedication & Unveiling of the new RAF Spilsby Airfield Memorial on Saturday 9 June 2012
10 Some Members of 207 Sqn (RAF) Association at the RAF Bomber Command Memorial Dedication, Green Park, London 28 June 2012
11 New Members: Del Amo, Mrs J (F) granddaughter: Hugh Wynter AG 11/44-3/45; Burrell, Mrs J (F) daughter: KWC Brown Nav 11/43-1/44; Dickenson, Mrs M (F) sister-in-law: Sgt GL Dickenson kia 6/3/45. Widow of Jim; Ferris, Mrs S (F) niece: Sgt J Fear, kia 8 July 1944 St Leu d’Esserent EM-N LM218 Boyce crew; Genower, Ms C (F) daughter: GE Genower. AG 4/44-9/44; Gorham, Mr R (F) son: Bob Gorham. AG 6/44-8/44 & 11/44; Howitt, Mr JH (F) boyhood memories of RAF Spilsby; Keyworth, Revd BH (F) New Spilsby Memorial and
Monksthorpe Chapel; Owen, Mr RG (F) Bomber Command interests; Pettit, Mr N GM QGM (H) New Spilsby Memorial; Surtees, Flt Lt P, RAF Former liaison officer 207R Sqn; Wilson, Mr KRS (F) nephew: P/O RS Wilson DFM, kia 7 November 1942 EM-G L7546
11 Deaths: Ex 207 Squadron, Members of the Association: Ken Brown, Navigator 11/43-1/44; RJ Eddie Edmonds, Air Gunner/Fitter II 11/40-10/41; Cyril Hewett Navigator 2/45-5/45; Peter Loakes, Air Gunner 4/44-/6/44; Hugh Wynter, Air Gunner 11/44-3/45; Jessie Emeny, Telephonist 11/46-2/48; Norman Ferguson, Pilot 5/44-10/44; Ken Larcombe, Bomb Aimer 2/45-6/45; William Mulhern, Fitter IIA 41-44; Peter Sells, Wireless Operator 10/44-8/46; Malcolm Staves, Wireless Operator 1/45-3/47; Jack Stephens DFC, Pilot 3/43-10/43; Larry Sutherland DFC*, Air Gunner 11/43-8/44; Sqn Ldr Peter Langdon DFM, Pilot 8/42-2/43, Pilot 4/72-6/74
Ex 207 Squadron, not members of the Association: Sqn Ldr Bert Conchie AFC Canberra & Northolt eras; Flt Lt CJB Jock Murdoch AFM, Pilot 10/70-2/72; Peter Lewin, Navigator in the Richford Valiant crew; Basil Dick Hollins Nav II 11/44?-7/46; Sqn Ldr Max Riddell DFC DFM. Manchesters era; Dave Jock Sutherland, Air Gunner 11/44-7/45
Honorary Member Mrs Dorothy Ware; Friend Members Jim Dickenson, Barry Grice, Peter Williams
12 Obituary: Ken Brown Navigator 11/43-1/44
12 Obituary: Wg Cdr RJ Eddie Edmonds DFM RAF (Retd) Air Gunner/Fitter II 11/40-10/41
12 Obituary: Norman Ferguson Pilot 5/44-10/44 - David Ferguson
12 Obituary: Sqn Ldr Peter Langdon DFM (Pilot 8/42-2/43, Pilot 4/72-6/74)
12 Obituary: Peter Loakes Air Gunner 4/44-6/44
12 Obituary: Flt Lt CJB Jock Murdoch AFM RAF (Retd) Pilot 10/70-2/72
13 Obituary: Sqn Ldr Maxwell Alexander Dick Riddell DFM DFC - Bob Kirby
14 Obituary: Peter Sells Wireless Operator 10/44-8/46 - Kevin Mapley
15 Obituary: CB Larry Sutherland DFC* Air Gunner 11/43-8/44
16 Obituary: Dave Jock Sutherland Air Gunner 11/44-7/45
16 Obituary: Jim Taylor WOp/AG 11/40-3/41 - the Rijkens
16 Obituary: Hugh Wynter Air Gunner 11/44-3/45
17 RAF Spilsby Old Memorial and Monksthorpe Baptist Church 20th April 2013: Arrangements - Rev Brian Keyworth
18 My part in the Second World War: 4: Sqn Ldr Peter Langdon DFM RAF (Retd) Pilot 8/42-2/43 and 4/72-6/74
19 207 (Cranfield) Sqn ATC Cadets take part in Remembrance Parade - OC Matt Dolton, Flt Lt RAFVR(T)
19 Two came home - part 1: Ron Tillen tells the story of his cousin's Lancaster [EM-M L7547, Whyte crew] lost over France in 1943.
20 Editor’s Corner - Frank Haslam: Peter Coventry (Pilot 58-61); p21 Sqn Ldr Gordon Cockfield, Flight Commander and Nav Leader 1974-77; 21 A Christmas Card from AT Loveless; 21 Stan Venton, 207 and 617 Squadrons; 22 Gordon Buxton in the Muir crew; 22 The new Manchester book; 22 Any Bassett folk out there?

Summer 2013 - A time for decisions

- Letter from the President to all members about the future of the Association
1 From the President - Alan Watkins: Standing down at AGM; 207R Standard to be Laid Up in Lincoln Cathedral 3 October 2013; Reunion may be the last
3 Bomb Dump Explosion Commemoration 10 April 2013 - Kevin Mapley
3 RAF Spilsby Old Memorial and Monksthorpe Baptist Church 20th April 2013 - Kevin Mapley, Rev Brian Keyworth
5 SÚrifontaine [visit] 22-23 June 2013 - Peter Hordley, son of F/O Trevor Hordley pilot of Lancaster ND857 EM-V lost on St Leu d'Esserent
6 Member deaths: ex-Sqn members of the Association: William ‘Bill’ Adams, Pilot 4/45-7/45 and 7/51-5/53; Arthur Barfoot DFM, Air Gunner 3/43-9/43; Sqn Ldr Dermot Finlay RAF (Retd), Air Gunner 5/44-9/44; Tom Gladders, Flight Engineer 7/43-12/43; Alan Redman DFC, Bomb Aimer 6/43-4/44; Bob Russell, Air Gunner 9/42-5/43
Ex 207 Squadron, not members of the Association: Wg Cdr John Nunn DFC AE, John Walker, Pilot 9/41-6/42
Honorary Member: Fred Panton MBE, Aviation Heritage Centre, East Kirkby
Friend Member: Roly Hanson: his parents ran a Post Office at Gt Steeping used by those stationed at RAF Spilsby.
6 Obituary: Arthur Barfoot DFM Air Gunner 3/43-9/43
6 Obituary: Sqn Ldr Dermot Finlay RAF (Retd) Air Gunner 5/44-9/44
6 Obituary: Tom Gladders Flight Engineer 7/42-12/43 - David Gladders
6 Obituary:
Roly Hanson, Friend Member - Mrs M Johnson
6 Obituary: Wg Cdr John L Nunn DFC AE BSc RAF (Retd) - Rob Kirby
8 Obituary: Fred Panton MBE Honorary Member
8 Obituary: Alan Redman DFC Bomb Aimer 6/43-4/44
9 Obituary: Bob Russell Air Gunner 9/42-5/43
9 Obituary:
John B Walker, Pilot 12/41-6/42 - his daughter Amanda
9 My part in the Second World War: 5: Sqn Ldr Peter Langdon DFM RAF (Retd) Pilot 8/42-2/43 and 4/72-6/74
18 207 (Cranfield) Sqn ATC ‘The team works’ - OC Matt Dolton, Flt Lt RAFVR(T)
19 Two came home - part 2: Ron Tillen concludes the story of his cousin's Lancaster [EM-M L7547, Whyte crew] lost over France in 1943
25 Editor's Corner - Frank Haslam; Bomber Command Clasp; John McIntosh ‘flies’ again; 26 The Solly crew tree is doing well at East Kirkby; 26 Market Rasen - Valiant WZ363 crash at Market Rasen on 6th May 1964 - 50 years on in 2014; 26 Progress on the 2nd Edition of the Avro Manchester Book; 26 RAFA Belgium invitation Saturday 28 September 2013; 26 Congratulations to an ex-Squadron new father!