207 Squadron (RAF) Association Newsletters 2008
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Spring 2008 - New faces. 90th Anniversary of RAF

1 Vice-President's page - Alan Watkins: Ken Marwood; Thank you to David Green, Nikki Mapley new Treasurer; Kevin Grant, Media & PR; Goodbye to Sqn Ldr Jack Christen, welcome to Sqn Ldr Rich Saunders OC 207R
2 Hello from OC 207(R) Sqn, Sqn Ldr Rich Saunders
3 Flt Lt Matt Marshall, new Association Liaison Officer: News from the Squadron - arrival expected of F/O William Wales
5 Deaths: Dennis Bentley, Armourer 3/41-3/44 (died 2006); Wg Cdr George Blakeman OBE, Navigator 6/43-8/43; John Chapple Wireless Operator & Evader, ?/44-7/44 (died 1984); David Collins, Friend, with the Newark Air Museum; Ken Cook, Air Gunner 11/44-6/45; Peter Curd DFC, Pilot 6/44-10/44; Bill Green, Air Gunner 10/44-6/45; John Griffiths MBE MiD, Air Gunner 10/44-3/47; Grp Capt Eric McCabe OBE, Engineering Officer 10/40-5/42; Ken Ottewell, Air Gunner ?/44-1/45; Sqn Ldr Hugh Richford DFC, Pilot 5/56-1/61; Tom Scrivener, Navigator 4/44-6/44; Bob Storey DFM WOp/AG 12/40-7/42; Bill Verralls DFC, Pilot 10/44-5/45
5 Obituary: Wg Cdr George Blakeman OBE, Navigator 6/43-8/43
8 Obituary: David Collins, Friend Member - Frank Haslam
8 Obituary: Ken Cook, Air Gunner 11/44-6/45 - Tony Delaney
8 Obituary: WP Bill Green, Air Gunner 10/44-6/45
8 Obituary: John Griffiths MBE MiD, Air Gunner 10/44-3/47 - daughter, Christine Heath
9 Obituary: Grp Capt Eric McCabe OBE, Engineering Officer 10/40-5/42 - Bob Kirby
10 Obituary: Sqn Ldr Hugh Richford DFC, Pilot 5/56-1/61 - son, Christopher Richford
12 Obituary: Bob Storey DFM WOp/AG 12/40-7/42 - Bill Wetherill
13 Obituary: Bill Verralls DFC, Pilot 10/44-5/45 - the family, Hugh Wynter
14 Obituary: Laurie Barnes, Wireless Operator 11/43-1/44 - daughter Lesley Barnes, Ken Brown
14 More on the late Wallace McIntosh DFC* DFM - Ken Williams' eulogy given at Wallace's funeral
16 More on the late Wallace McIntosh DFC* DFM - John Cook
17 David Balme's Squadron Toast notes, 1985 Reunion - Richard Balme
20 Bomber Command Memorial Campaign - extracts from the Daily Telegraph 9 March 2008
21 Editor's Corner - Frank Haslam: Diary of a Night Bomber Pilot, Clive Semple, Friend Member - Edited by Wing Commander Alan Mawby, Member, due to be published in April 2008; 22 We Wanted Wings book by John Pearl, Air Gunner 2/45-4/45; 22 Honorary Member Bill Chorley’s series on Royal Air Force Bomber Command Losses in the Second World War ends with Volume 9, a Roll of Honour; Secretary Kevin Grant's book Deeps and Shallows, a volume of verse and prose, illustrated by nephew Jake Grant; 22 Is this a record? Sqn Ldr Peter Langdon DFM RAF(Retd) Pilot 8/42-2/43 & 4/72-6/74 two flying tours 30 years apart; 23 How could you miss the late, great Slim Pocock [from ejectors] - George Mitchell; 23 Hamish Grigor on John Enston’s bale-out; 23 Remembrance Sunday observances at 207 memorials; 23 HM The Queen dedicates new National Armed Forces Memorial at Alrewas; 23 [Linton] Tucano down - emergency landing at Rufforth after engine failure, 5th September 2007; 23 ex-207 Sqn Devon VP962 operating from Biggin Hill as the Mayfair Dove; Adrian Hill seeks VIPs carried by VP962 on 207