207 Squadron (RAF) Association Newsletters 2007
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Summer 2007 - Wallace. Step forward for 207

1 President's page - Ken Marwood: Death of Wallace McIntosh DFC* DFM; Squadron Guest Night at Linton for Squadron's 90th Anniversary; Appeal for new committee members
2 Guest Night RAF Linton-on-Ouse, June 1st 2007 for the 90th Anniversary of the beginnings of the Squadron - (Thos Murray, Frank Pollard, John Scullard, Ian Hampton, Sqn Ldr Jack Christen RAF OC 207R Sqn)
9 Deaths: Jeanne Baker, MT 1943-45; Laurie Barnes, Wireless Operator 11/43-1/44; Michael Belfitt, son of the late Frank Belfitt; Barry Chaster, Pilot 8/42-1/43; WC Bill Cox, Pilot 8/61-1/64; Ken Dobson, Flight Engineer 12/43-6/44; Jack Lines, Navigator 1945-46; Wallace McIntosh DFC* DFM, Air Gunner 11/42-7/43, 3/44-5/45; Jacques Meyer, Hon Member, Aircrew helper, St Leu; Sid Smith, Armourer 10/42-10/45; Dr Tony Valentine, son of the Admin Officer at Bottesford 1942
10 Obituary: Jeanne Baker, MT 1943-45
10 Obituary: Michael Belfitt, Friend Member and son of the late Frank Belfitt DFM, Observer 2/41-3/42
10 Obituary: Richardson ‘Dick’ Burnet, Pilot 11/43-1/44 d Nov 2006 - Ken Brown
10 Obituary: Barry Chaster, Pilot 8/42-1/43 - John Banfield, Dave Sutherland
11 Obituary: Sqn Ldr WC Bill Cox, Pilot 8/61-1/64
11 Obituary: Jack Lines, Navigator 1945-46 - the family
11 Obituary: [More on] John Mace, Bomb Aimer 2/45-3/46 - Ken Marten, Jean Mace
12 Obituary: Wallace McIntosh DFC* DFM, Air Gunner 11/42-7/43, 3/44-5/45 - Frank Haslam, Daily Telegraph
14 Budding pilot aspiring to fly in the slipstream of a famous grandfather [Alistair Blaha, grandson of Wallace McIntosh] Aberdeen Press and Journal, 15 June 2007;
14 [More on Wallace McIntosh] - Alec White
15 Obituary: Jacques Meyer, Hon Member, Aircrew helper, St Leu - Jean-Jacques Meyer, Ian Adams
15 Obituary: Sidney Smith, Armourer 10/42-10/45 - daughter, Christine Fox
15 Obituary: Dr Tony Valentine, son of the Admin Officer at Bottesford 1942
15 Jeanne Harvey visits her father's crash site & crew memorial and says thank you [Jisp Memorial - Lancaster EM-Q ED554 Healey crew - Frank Haslam
16 Barry Goodwin writes from Australia
16 My Lincoln Imp - the late Gilbert Haworth, Nav/BA 12/42-6/43
18 207s on local memorials - Raymond Glynne-Owen
19 Then and Now - Frank Pollard (Navigator 11/44-5/45) visits RAF Linton-on Ouse
20 Groundcrew in Malta - Colin Savage, Airframe Mechanic 9/55-4/57
20 207 Rum & Coke - Peter Boggis DFC, Pilot & CO 3/47-3/48
21 [V Force] Baling out - The Captain's dilemma [from Baling Out - Amazing Dramas of Military Flying, Robert Jackson (Pen & Sword Military, 2006)
22 Ejectors who served on 207 - Frank Haslam
22 ACD [No.2 Aircew Convalescent Depot] - Peter Rae, Wireless Operator 3/42-12/42
23 Imperial War Graves Commission Anniversary - Kevin Mapley
23 Kevin Mapley on: Memorial window to the Corless crew in Clinton, Ontario, Canada; Langar & Spilsby memorials; Ken Smith’s grandson Luke lays wreath at Spilsby bomb dump explosion commemoration
24 207 Squadron Decorations awarded - Raymond Glynne-Owen
24 Editor's Corner - Frank Haslam: 60,000 visits to website; A niece says thank you - Christine Smith's uncle Henry Bone, killed in the Whyte crew at St Brisson (Lancaster EM-M L75470; 25 Carol Peachey on her uncle Sgt Donald Arthur Turner, 2nd Nav lost with Taylor crew Lancaster LM366 EM-H 29/30 January 1944; 25 [Siebert crew] Collage at Waddington - Pam Gurnell; 25 A new Spilsby groundcrew group photo dated March 1945 is on our website; 25 207 Baseball Caps photo - Mike Nolan, Nav 9/60-9/63; 25 RAF Bircham Newton Memorial Project has been set up; 26 Wg Cdr George Blakeman OBE RAF(Retd) aged 85 has hit the silk again!; 26 Congratulations to Lesley Hayward and Alan Mudge [wedding of Friend Members]; 27 Wg Cdr Grey’s Tankard - Stuart Jack, son of Bob Jack, W/Op in the Grey Crew