207 Squadron (RAF) Association Newsletters 2005
Content Index

Winter 2004/Spring 2005 - Victory in WW2: 60th Anniversary

1 From the President: 2004 Reunion: Paul Stockley taking over from Al Dolding as OC 207; Air Battle of Malta Memorial Hangar Fund; plans for memorial ceremony in Belgium - Ken Marwood
2 Maximum Effort - Kevin Mapley on plans for Meeuwen Memorial to Corless crew
3 Proposed Visit to Belgium - Frank Haslam on proposed itinerary and Heroes Return funding
4 News from the Squadron - Paul Stockley; presentation of Tucano print to Al Dolding; Dick Shuster AFC retires; Alan Mawby OBE retires; News from 207 Course
5 News from 209, 211, 213 Courses; participation of 207R in BoB service York Minster; Frank Pollard commends the Squadron's participation
5 New Association Liaison Officer - Lt Peter Lumsden RN biography
6 obituary: Vicky Muhl (nee Saunders), Telephonist 6/44-3/45 - Tom Scrivener
6 obituary: Jack Fisher, WOp/AG 6/44-7/44 - Ian Adams
7 obituary: George Chesworth DFC, Observer 3/44-9/46
7 obituary: John McIntosh DFC*, Pilot 2/43-9/43 - Iain Nicolson
7 obituary: George Hall, Air Gunner 10/43-5/44
7 obituary: John Rickaby, W/Op Mechanic 5/44-8/45
7 obituary: Reginald Ford, Navigator 6/53-3/53
8 ATC report: 207 (Cranfield) Sqn - Ann Healy
9 ATC report: 2266 (Spilsby) Sqn - David Hill
9 Linton News Roundup: Tucano's milestone; Display pilot wins Breitling Trophy; Gp Capt Dave Harrison OC Linton on Ouse hands over to Gp Capt Andy Sudlow
10 Linton News Roundup: Linto goes Inside Out for BBC tv
10 Visit to France July 2004 - 10th Anniversary Neaufles Memorial - Frank Haslam
11 Spilsby Photographic Exhibition, Franklin Hall Spilsby commemorating 60th Anniversary of 207's move to Spilsby - Kevin Mapley
12 End of Flight Engineer Training in the RAF
13 More on Champion Boxer Al Foreman - Lynn Gould (his niece)
13 Tax behind the wire - update on meetings with Minister of Veterans' Affairs - Charles Clarke
13 Ken Houghton Story part 3 - Bob Kirby
15 They do not forget - Air Gunners' visit to Dronten - Tom Rogers
15 Bomber Crew - the Channel 4 UK tv series - Bill Burke
16 Marham 1956 - Winton McNab
17 We flew Joyce Brotherton - Tom Moore
17 Editor's Corner: Roll of Honour now online; May 1945 Squadron photo online; Mildenhall POW-MIA Day & Retreat Ceremony 17/9/04; 207 stained glass panel in Mildenhall Chapel: books signings Mel Rolfe's Bomber Boys (inc John Banfield and John Pearl), Tail End Charlies - the last Battles of the Bomber War 1944-45 by John Nichol and Tony Rennell (inc Frank Haslam snr); appeal for info Sgt Richard Arthur Gaut kia Jones crew EM-S ME807 16/7/44; Les Gaterell; Brian Goulding on Jonathan Falconer's book of the film Dam Busters (in which Joe Kmiciek did some flying); AGA news; Phonetic Alphabets - Clapham & Dwyer; Monksthorpe Baptist Chapel; info appeal on Sgt Dennis Chant kia 14/10/41 in Paskell crew Manchester EM-T L7373; Veterans Badge

2005 Summer - 207 Commemorations in Europe

1 From the President: Ladies Night Dinner: Visit to Belgium; National Memorial Arboretum - Ken Marwood
2 Dedication of the Memorial to the crew of Lancaster ME683 EM-W Meeuwen, Belgium May 8 May 2005 - Kevin Mapley
4 Visit to Belgium 60th Anniversary of VE Day - Frank Haslam
4 My impressions of Meeuwen - Nicholas Aldrich (13)
5 EM-M L7547 Whyte Crew Memorial inaugurated at St Brisson - Georges Pillot
6 Wallace returns to Cislago - Wallace McIntosh
7 News from the Squadron: news of courses: 207(R) Staff Keith Murty, Damion Middleton, Ben Mark; News from the Courses 211, 213, 215: The Squadron Aalborg, Salon, Royal Ascot York; Typhoon Roadshow; Ladies Night Dinner - Peter Lumsden
8 deaths: Margaret ‘Peggy’ Kaye, Bill Cherrington, Air Gunner 10/44-6/45 Loveless crew, Bert Hazel DFC, Pilot 9/44-4/45, Jim Love DFC, Sam Panton
8 article: Gentlemen, it was an honour - Margaret ‘Peggy’ Kaye, Meteorologist 1942-43
9 obituary: Jim Love DFC, Navigator 3/43-10/43 - Nat Bury, Jack Pegrum
9 obituary: Sam Panton, Observer 3/41-5/41 - Penny Moir
10 obituary: John McIntosh DFC* - Wallace McIntosh
11 ATC Squadron reports: 2266 (Spilsby), 207 (Cranfield)
11 Linton News Round-up: Ben Mark 2005 Tucano display pilot; Al Dolding in Linton team winning business competition - editor
12 Visit to Denmark to mark the 60th Anniversary of VE Day - Jim Cochrane
13 Honouring the 207s who have no known grave (ACA Families Day 14 Aug) - Frank Haslam
13 The Ken Houghton Story part 3 - Bob Kirby
14 Some memories of RAF Marham 1959-63 - John Ockenden
15 Editor's Corner: New Print Sunset Saviours by Robin Smith; Raffle; Cosford Museum Cold War; Final curtain falls on air engineer training (RAF News) & Ken Marwood's reply; Sale of St Vincent's Grantham; Starring role for Sea Devon VP967; F/Sgt Kenneth Edward Goodsell, killed in EM-R ED361 13/8/43; 207 Roll of Honour in Leicester Cathedral; George Hawes EM-N R5632, contacts from Cartwright and Hooper families; Finningley reincarnated as Robin Hood international airport; access to All Saints' Church Gt Steeping; 207 displays updated at East Kirkby, Spilsby shop display on 207 for VE week - Raymond Glynne-Owen; Ron Winton moves; Ralph Tyrrell interview on Dresden in The Times; where 207's wartime dead are buried; Congratulations to Bill Angell on Presidency of RAFA Guildford; Linton survives rain

Winter 2005/Spring 2006 - New faces at Linton

1 From the President: Welcome to new OC 207R Sqn, Sqn Ldr Jack Christen and farewell to outgoing OC Sqn Ldr Paul Stockley - Malta Aviation Museum - Dedication of Squadron Tree at National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas - Ken Marwood
2 National Memorial Arboretum 4 Sep 2005, Dedication of Tree to all who have served on 207 Sqn
3 Freedom of City of York exercised, first public outing for 207's new Standard
3 All change at Linton; Sqn Ldr Paul Stockley OC 2004-2006; Sqn Ldr Jack Christen; ALO change Lt Cdr Pete Lumsden RN to Flt Lt Shaun Kimberley
3 Sqn Ldr Jack RR Christen biography; Flt Lt Shaun Kimberley biography; Other news from Linton - Lt Cdr Pete Lumsden RN
6 Deaths; Ron Brown, Flight Engineer 11/44-4/45; Jack Cheesman, Observer 8/41-10/41; Ken Cowgill, Air Gunner 9/43-7/44, Charles Hall, WOp/AG 1/41-9/41; Dick Hayward, Pilot 1969-72 (died 1999)*; AK Bert Irwin DFC, Navigator 9/43-2/44*; Dinty Moore, AEO 12/60-10/64; Maurice Jackman, Air Gunner 1/45-6/45; Peggy Priestley, née Meek, Driver 11/42-1/45; Maurice J Simpson, Air Gunner 1944*; Peter Ward Hunt DFC and bar, Pilot 8/41-5/42; Ren Watters, Pilot 1/45-9/45.
6 obituary: Ron W Brown, Flight Engineer 11/44-4/45 - Sue Hammad, Ron Brown, Peter Valleley
8 obituary: Jack Alfred Cheesman, Observer 8/41-10/41 - Bob Kirby
9 obituary: Charles Hall, WOp/AG 1/41-9/41 - Bob Kirby, WJ (Mike) Lewis
10 obituary: AK Bert Irwin DFC, Navigator 9/43-2/44 - Bert Irwin jr
10 obituary: Maurice Jackman, Air Gunner 1/45-6/45 - Frank Haslam
10 obituary: Frank Alan Dinty Moore, AEO 12/60-10/64 - Enid Moore, Sue Wardle, Jim Kearney
11 obituary: Peggy Gwendoline Priestley, née Meek, Driver 11/42-1/45 - Judy Darcy Thompson
11 obituary: Maurice J Simpson, Air Gunner 1944 - Sean Malone
12 obituary: Peter Ward Hunt DFC and bar, Pilot 8/41-5/42 - Daily Telegraph
13 obituary: Ren Watters, Pilot 1/45-9/45 - Malcolm Staves, Christine Moore
14 obituary: Dick Hayward, Pilot 1969-72 - Lesley Hayward
15 More on the late Sam Panton - Ken Brown
15 ATC Squadron Report 2266 (Spilsby) Sqn
16 207R Sqn visits 207 (Cranfield) Sqn ATC
16 207 (Cranfield) Sqn Cadets visit 207R Sqn at Linton
16 207 (Cranfield) Sqn ATC current news
17 Tucanos get safety upgrade
17 Spilsby Bomb Dump Explosion - Raymond Glynne-Owen
18 Pembroke Faces - George Mitchell
19 Memories of RAF Marham and 207 Squadron - John Foster
20 Editor's Corner: Prints of Sunset Saviours by Robin Smith GAvA; No Caviar for a Kingfisher, by Maurice Askew; John Banfield on the George Hawes crew and the RAF ExPOW lunch on 7 July 2005; Nat Bury DFM on veterans lunch at Buckingham Palace on 10 July 2005; Funding cuts for RAF Museum; Wallace McIntosh back home; Ron Winton adds some names to Spilsby Group photos; Ken Brown receives ACA President's Commendation; Cosford Cold War Museum progress; Air Cdre David Harrison, former Stn Cdr Linton in role as Commandant HQ Air Cadets; Information on F/O Raymond Lewis's crew lost Bohlen 20/21 March 1945 - David Nicholls; photos of Ted McMaster's crew ME473 EM-H lost in collision with 57 Sqn a/c 2 March 1945 from his nephew Lachlan Rutherford; Editor's request for headstone photos if passing a cemetery that has 207s; Mike Madigan on the Clapham & Dwyer phonetic alphabet; Squadron Shields from CH Munday; German group finds wreckage of Lancaster LM366; Robin Eyre, son of Stanley Eyre evader in Whyte crew EM-M L7547 makes contact; Peter Hornfeck makes contact about his father Sgt PW Hornfeck, Rear Gunner on the Henderson crew EM-C PD322 lost on Giessen 6 Dec 1944; Editor makes contact with the family of his father's pilot CJ Solly; Frank Pollard enjoys living next to Linton; Canberra end of an era 39 Sqn disbanding; The Rijkens hand on care of 207 Sqn graves in Eindhoven General Cemetery to the next generation; Best wishes to Harry Priestley after major op