207 Squadron (RAF) Association Newsletters 2003
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2003 Summer (June): Books galore

1 From the President: Successor sought for Peter Phelps as overseas trips organiser; another generous donation from Mrs Dorthy Ware: looking forward to the Presentation of the new Standard - Ken Marwood
2 News from the Squadron - OC207R Al Dolding
2 Plans for 2003 Reunion
3 Aug 14 2003: Dedication of Saplings at E Kirkby: to all who served on 207; Bomber Command, all who waited in vain
4 obituary: John 'JJ' Snee, AEO Leader 6/56-5/60 - John Trevains Nav 5/56-3/59
5 obituary: Doug Rose, Pilot 10/44-6/45 - Doug Bell Nav 10/44-7/45
6 ATC Squadron Reports: 2266 (Spilsby), 207 (Cranfield)
7 Ken Smith (Armourer 9/43-5/45) remembers his fellow Armourers - Kevin Mapley
7 To 207 Squadron from Rev H StJ Bradford: tracing donor of finger bowls - Frank Haslam, Jeanne Harvey
7 correction to article on p22 last issue: Jim Cochrane
8 From Spilsby to Buchenwald - part 1 - Peter Phelps Flight Engineer 6/44-7/44
9 Gunning for the Enemy; Wallace McIntosh DFC* DFM by Mel Rolfe - book launch Duxford June 15 2003 - Frank Haslam
10 Footprints on the Sands of Time; RAF Bomber Command Prisoners of War in Germany 1939-45 by Friend Member Oliver Clutton-Brock - book launch Duxford 15 June 2003
11 Sortie Not Completed; Our Search for a Lost Bomber Crew (Lancaster EM-G PB294 Peter McIntosh crew 24/35 July 1944) by Friend Members Anthony & Ruth Armstrong
11 My Second Tour on 207 Squadron; final part - Dennis Buck, Pilot 2/71-1/74 & 5/77-9/80
13 Thank you from Tony Ruth (brother of Sqn Ldr WDB Ruth DFC* - Tony Ruth
14 Flt Lt Denys Oliver Street - from the Book of Remembrance and War Record of Mill Hill School - Oliver Clutton-Brock
14 Book - Vickers Valiant; The first of the V-Bombers by Eric B Morgan - Frank Haslam
15 Nose section Valiant XD875 up for sale
15 Presentation of the Standard 1956 - Alan Mawby seeks photos of the flypast
15 Gordons photo p38 of Always Prepared: Alan Mawby fairly certain it was at Bircham Newton not Hendon
15 WW1 pilots on p21 of Always Prepared identified by Clive Semple, son of one of them
15 Alan 'Snow' Stewart Dickson 207 Sqn from 16 Sep 1941 - daughter seeks those who knew him
15 Simmons crew, Spilsby: Sgt Lane R/G - his daughter seeks those who knew him

2003/4 Winter/Spring (Dec): Presentation of the New Standard

1 From the Vice President: Debt to founder members, Derby Reunion, again thanks to Dorothy Ware, an anonymous donation of 1000, vandalism at Langar, tree dedications, presentation of the new Standard, broadcast on C4 Ken Marwood - Ben Lyon
2 Invitation to register interest in trip to Neuafles Saint Martin 10 July
2 News of the 2003 Reunion - Frank Haslam
3-8 Presentation of the New Standard to 207 (Reserve) Squadron by HRH Prince Andrew, 25/11/2003: The Squadron Standard: Parade Booklet: The rest of the day: The Dining-In Night - Frank Haslam
9 News from the Squadron - OC207R Al Dolding
10 Receiving the Standard in 1956 - Dick Haven, Pilot 56-57, Standard Bearer
10 I received it in 2004 - Matt Hollowood, QFI 207R
11 I raised a glass to 207 - Ian Hampton, Nav & OC 5/83-6/84
11 Peenemunde Raid 60th Anniversary, Air Forces Memorial 17 Aug 2003 - Frank Haslam
11-13 Dedication of trees at East Kirkby August 14 (to all who served on 207 Squadron: Bomber Command - to all who waited in vain) and October 11 (to the John Siebert crew) - Frank Haslam
14 Anniversaries: 20 years since the successful conception of the organisation: 40 years since the death of Joyce Brotherton MBE
15 obituary: Mike Thatcher, Nav early 70s - Dennis Buck, Gerald Herd, George Mitchell
16-17 ATC Squadron Reports: 207 (Cranfield), 2266 (Spilsby)
18 From Spilsby to Buchenwald - part 2 - Peter Phelps Flight Engineer 6/44-7/44
20 An audiovisual history: record your experiences
21 Leicestershire at War 60 years on: Chas Smith DFM ISM W/Op 5/41-5/42: article in Leicester Mercury
22 Langar Memorial Trees damaged - Kevin Mapley
22 Celebrating Langar Memorial's 10th Anniversary in 2004: Kevin Mapley
23 Spilsby - an appeal from the Secretary: June or July 2004 event - Kevin Mapley
23 Organisation - what organisation? Preparing the Valiant for the 1953 London-NZ Race - Ken Hunter, Nav 3/61-7/63
24 A Grand way of spending our Summer weekends (207 working with BBMF) - Ian Hampton, Nav & OC 5/83-6/84
24 Veterans Pension Scheme attacked - BBC
25 Charles 'Mike' Solly - Frank Haslam & Al Smith
25 The Bayleys George R Bayley 207 Sqn (kia 8/9 Jan 1942) and John W Bayley - Bob Kirby
27 V Force Reunion Newark Air Museum 22/23 May 2004 - David Collins
27 Memories, proud memories: Spilsby and the Howard crew - Ralph Tyrell MBE, Air Bomber 12/44-7/45
28 Exercise Mayflight - Mike Nolan Nav 9/60-9/63
28 The rivets in the wing root changed colour as they melted - George Blakeman Nav 6/43-8/43
29 Rev Harry Orchard - Flying Control Langar & Spilsby
29 Peter Boggis unveils the Lady MacRoberts Memorial - via INTERCOM
29 CO's wife [Helen Dolding] gets sweaty with two Wing Commanders - via Linton Link
30 Women and War Imperial War Museum Exhibition
30 Wallace McIntosh presented to the The Princess Royal: Braemar Aircrew Memorial
30 Mailly-le-Camp 60th Anniversary information - Mailly-le-Camp Association
30 Battle of Britain Memorial Flight - Sqn Ldr Paul Day, retiring OC BBMF
31 207 Squadron and Malta - ACM Sir Michael Armitage
32 RAF Museum Cosford: Cold War display plans
32 RAF Museum Hendon: restoration of the Lancaster
32 Newark's XD875 nose section to go to Scotland
32 Joyce Rose attends unveiling of a memorial stone to Doug Rose DFC in Winnipeg
32 F/Sgt Robert John Norman kia 5 July 1944, Gibbs crew Lancaster ND570: his daughter seeks recollections of him and his crew
32 Photos of the Fly Past at the Presentation of the Standard 1956? Alan Mawby seeking photos
32 1918: Meeting Clive Semple, son a pilot on 207 Squadron in 1918
32 Powered flight centenary 17 December 2003 Wright brothers at Kittyhawk, North Carolina
32 Thursday 18th December 2003 public opening of two new exhibition halls - Milestones of Flight and the Grahame-White Factory at the RAF Museum London
33 Commemoration of New Zealand’s first powered flight contender, Richard Pearse - Maurice Askew (Flight Engineer 11/43-2/44)
33 First flight 1853 - Yorkshire Cayley glider - BCA Newsletter
33 P/O William Dick Hawkes, kia 13 May 1943 in ED418 EM-G on Duisburg: information/photos sought on Hawkes and crew
33 TEE EMM from April 1941 to March 1946 are now available on CD
34 28 March 2004: Christopher Panton – Skipton on Swale memorial service - Peter Ratcliffe
34 Honorary Member Fred Panton awarded MBE in the 2003 New Year’s Honours ‘for services to aviation heritage’
34 Osmer crew, lost 23 Aug 1943 on Berlin Lancaster EM-K ED550: Mark Osmer seeks contact with Sgt Julian Walker, the sole survivor
34 W/OP AG Alec Newbound DFC 207 Squadron RAF Langar 1942-43: Mr Denis Roffey, Alec Newbound’s nephew, has donated his uncle’s log book and DFC to the Squadron at Linton
34 Flt Lt AA Swihura - W/O ‘CO’ Huntley RCAF seeks onformation on him
34 Andrew and Ruth Armstrong, authors of Sortie Not Completed are still interested to hear from any aircrew who were billeted with the Hall family at 10 Browns Road, Boston during WWII
34 Joachim Lelonght seeks photos of these crews 9/10.3.43 - W4172 EM-X Wood crew - crashed near Lavannes 12km NE of Reims, France - 4dead 1pow 2 evaded – target Munich
19.7.44 - ME814 - EM-E Dallen crew - crashed between Lignon and Margerie-Hancourt, 12 km S Vitry le Francois, France – 6 dead, 1 evaded – target Revigny.
34 Sgt Bertie Woodward of the Dallen crew - Ron Woodward
The Editor hopes to visit Norman Dallen, brother of Jesse Dallen, the pilot of ME814 in the New Year. Norman lives down the road in Epsom.
34 Boyce crew’s memorial at Haudricourt: ceremony VE Day 2002 - Germain Hebert
35 Wg Cdr TAB Parselle information sought: who was at the controls of W5001 EM-J 25/26 May 1943: account of his time on the run sought - Sue Kirkpatrick, TABP’s daughter
35 Vulcan Reaching for the Sky XH558 Bruntingthorpe - ACA
35 Concorde: group to keep her flying for our national heritage
Register of Members issued