207 Squadron (RAF) Association Newsletters 2002-3
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2002 Summer (June): HM The Queen's Golden Jubilee: Bomber Command 60th Anniversary

1 From the President: Jubilee; Bomber Command; ACA Archive Trust; Squadron Badge at Marham - Ken Marwood
3 Letter from the Mayor of Margny
4 obituary: Ron Emeny, Air Gunner 4/44-5/44, Signaller 4/46-4/50
5 obituary: Derek Brundle, Flight Engineer 4/44-9/44
6 ATC Squadron Reports: 207 (Cranfield), 2266 (Spilsby)
8 Salute to HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother: Operation Tay Bridge
9 With and without engines (Glider Pilot Regiment to 207) - Tony Wadley, Pilot 11/47-7/49
10 Memories of the Coronation Review Flypast 15th July 1953 - Dennis Hewlett, Air Gunner 2/53-3/54
11 My son, this was the bend - Spilsby travel memories - Tom Scrivener, Nav 4/44-6/44
12 Scots to Scotland - Wings for Victory Week Glasgow 1943 - John McIntosh, Pilot 2/43-9/43
12 First Back Andrews - a crew that were often back before the rest - HG Hall, Air Gunner 10/43-5/44
13 A light hearted look Down Under - Secretary Kevin Mapley's account of visits to Doug Smith in NZ, Vic Glann, Geoff Malon and John Paterson in Australia
13 From Spilsby to Buchenwald - part 1 - Peter Phelps, Flight Engineer, Stamp crew, 6/44-7/44
14 How unusual is this photo? four POWs snapped by a bribed German guard - Maurice Askew, Flight Engineer 11/43-2/44
15 Ralph meets Jane again - account of a flight aboard Lancaster NX611 (now Just Jane) 30th March 1969
17 Spilsby Airfield Memorial update: postwar photos located - Kevin Mapley
17 Memories of Spilsby - The Bomb Dump - Tony Harris, who was at Spilsby in the first half of 1945
18 Bomber Command 60th Anniversary - Duxford - St Paul's - Symposium - Frank Haslam, Editor
19 The Ameland Incident - the forced landing of Manchester L7380 EM-W: Bob Kirby, author of Avro Manchester - the Legend behind the Lancaster
20 A look back to 1984 - Exit the Devon - based on an article in FlyPast
22 Bomber Command Losses of the Second World - Volume 7: OTUs - Bill Chorley
22 Editor's Corner
The Squadron in the First World War - website progress
207 badge in St Clement Danes, now on website
ACA Service at St Clement Danes, photos
207s on War Memorials, appeal for photos for website
Balme family - 2 members join
Help sought on:
Fitzgerald crew and Welch crew lost on Nuremberg 28/8/43
Sgt Albert Sayers lost with Boyce crew LM218 EM-N on St Leu d'Esserent 7-8/7/44
Alf Jeffries, Rear Gunner POW in James crew DV191 EM-O, lost on Brunswick 14/1/44
Flt Lt WCA (Oliver) Lodge, a Gunnery Leader on Manchesters
Sgt Leo Croxton POW, Taylor crew LM366 EM-H, lost on Berlin 29/1/44
WOp AG Graham Musitano, lost with the Wathey crew R5847 EM-Y on Bremen 3-4/6/42
Mel Delatorre, lost with the Evison crew ED365 EM-U, on Hamburg 3/3/43
F/S BW Allen and Sgt Billany from Johnny Howard's crew
F/S William Brown of the Withers crew, L7314 EM-Y, shot down by friendly fire June 1941
Sgt Percy (Tiny) Corley of the Norman Owen crew
Sgt Henry Exley and the Jones crew, ME631 EM-K, lost on Schweinfurt 27/4/44
The Peter McIntosh crew lost on Donges 25/7/44 in PB294 EM-G: Peter McIntosh, Joseph Grint, Stanley Little, George Shannon, James Beech, Lawrence Bateman, Arthur Smith
Sgt LP Gower, Flight Engineer in the Harding crew PD216 EM-J, lost on Darmstadt 26/8/44
Sgt Lawrence Ivory, lost with the McDowell crew EE175 EM-R on Kassel, 22/10/43
Derrick Lewis, Clarence Dixon, Cecil Flear, all POWs from the Hazel crew, LM123 EM-Q on Brunswick 14-15/10/44
Peter Noel Hodgson, Bomb Aimer in the Ebert crew ED586 EM-F lost on Stettin 3/9/43
Sqn Ldr AA Roissetter, CTO Spilsby
Anyone at the 60th Anniversary Reception of the Squadron at Northolt on 20th November 1976
Eric Downey, only survivor of the Broad crew DV372 EM-B, lost on Berlin 30/1/44
POWs in Stalag Luft I Barth who can recall who was in their room
Anyone who knew Alan Stevens on 207 at Marham 1960-63
Geoff Allen, 2nd pilot with the Dawkins crew, POW when L7309 EM-O was lost on Hamburg 14/1/42
Any of the Ken Letford crew families: Ken Letford, Charlie Stewart, Bill Bray, Jock Fieldhouse, Con Conelly, HOS 'Bill' Sparks and the families of Wynford Vaughan-Thomas and Reg Pidsley

2002/3 Winter/Spring (March): 207 (Reserve) Squadron RAF Linton-on-Ouse

1 From the President: 207(R) Sqn; Dorothy Ware; Peter Phelps; Ron Winton - Ken Marwood
2 207 is back in the air - Frank Haslam, Editor
2 Sqn Ldr AE Dolding RAF OC 207(R) Sqn - Frank Haslam, Editor
3 RAF Linton-on-Ouse - summary of talk given at 2002 Reunion - Sqn Ldr AE Dolding RAF OC 207(R) Sqn
4 2002 Reunion photos: Russ Jeffs, Ken Marwood, Alan Dolding; Dorothy Ware with the Thomas Skelton ATC Trophy; Briab Goulding, Alan Mawby, Alan Dolding; Betty Buck, Alan Dolding
5 obituary: John Snee, AEO Leader 6/56-5/60 - Ken Marwood, Frank Haslam snr, Jock Hamilton, John Pagler, Harold Jones
6 obituary: Frank Chambers, Pilot 1/44-6/45 - Andy Tait, Dave Sutherland, Edna Jewiss, Des Walsh, John Davies
9 obituary: Arthur B Thomas Wireless Operator 10/44-1/46 - Bill Verralls
9 obituary: Alec Cordon Air Gunner 3/43-11/43 - article on Frank Lees 9 Sqn - Daphne Visser-Lees
10 obituary: Peter H Gibbs Pilot & CO 54-56, Flight Commander 1956-? - Terry Grewcock
10 David Dick Commemorated - Ann Dick
11 Spilsby Memorial - Kevin Mapley
12 News from the Squadron - OC 207(R) Sqn
13 ATC Sqn reports
13 Presentation of Tankard to Ron Winton - Ken Marwood
14 5 Group operation to Gydnia 18.12.44 - Ron Winton
15 Summer Days Stradishall 1947 - Ted Bobbin
15 Tale of a (Spilsby) Photographer - Sheila Haywood née Birch
16 207 Ground Defence - George Beardsmore
16 First Manchester Last Lancaster - Ron Swinden
16 From Spilsby to Buchenwald, part 2 - Peter Phelps
17 Taylor Crew (EM-H LM366 lost Berlin 29/1/44) - Michael Westmoreland
17 The Spirit lives on in Space (ESA) - Kotska Wallace

18 Bomber Command 60th Anniversary 2002 - Symposium at RAF Museum Hendon: talk by Wg Cdr Russ Jeffs AFC RAF (Retd) CO 5/42-12/42 - Frank Haslam
20 Manchester in Colour EM-O L7483 - colour photo info sought - Raymond Glynne-Owen
20 My Second Tour on 207 Squadron (part 1) - Dennis Buck Pilot 2/71-1/74, 5/77-9/80
21 Valiant XD875 Old & Trusted Friend - Jack Lord GD Nav 5/56-9/61 (from his article in FlyPast October 2002)
22 Editor's Corner: Congratulations on Alan Watkins' (AEO 59-61)'s and AG 'Buck' Buckley's (Air Gunner 1943) Presidential Commendations received at ACA's AGM 2002.
Ken Cowgill (Air Gunner 1943-4) injured with the Cosens crew on Hannover 27/28 Aug 1943, from Langar, hospitalised when they landed at Hardwick seeks his stuff which had 'disappeared' by the time he returned to 207 at Spilsby.
From the Howard crew, Rear Gunner George Billany's family found via the website.
Parselle crew: via new Friend Paul Kendall signed up Chris Cook, son of Sgt Stanley Cook, Wireless Operator kia 25/26 May 1943 in Wg Cdr TAB Parselle's crew (W5001 EM-J) on Dusseldorf. Bob Hood-Morris, Air Bomber in that crew and only other survivor is now a Member.
Website: now two 207 websites, Association and Squadron (find via the Association website).
Jim Cochrane in touch with a retired Canadian officer who has logbook of Sgt George Tyler of 207 Sqn Rees crew which included Jim's brother Alex, all lost on a Gardening sortie in 1943.
Del Williams' (Nav 3/59-9/61) uncle Sgt Gwilym Williams was kia with the rest of the Polley crew 24/25 March 1944 (ME680 EM-R) on Berlin. Are there any other 207s related to someone who also served on 207 (or 7 RNAS)?
Daughter of F/O D M Grant DFC seeks information about him and his crew. Grant completed his tour on 207, which began in 1944.
Chelvin Hibbert, Pilot 4/75-8/77 after 25 years out is on Full Time Reserve Service as CO 10AEF at Woodvale flying Grob Tutors.