207 Squadron (RAF) Association Newsletters 2001
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2001 June : Memorial Dedications at Margny and Spilsby Airfield

3 obituary - Trevor Muhl DFM Air Gunner/Bomb Aimer 8/42-10/42 - Mrs Muhl, Wallace McIntosh, Ron Emeny, Frank W Haslam
5 ATC Squadron Reports 2266 (Spilsby): 207 (Cranfield)
6 Spilsby Airfield Memorial description - Kevin Mapley
6 Visit to St Germain La Ville: F/O William McNaughton crew: EM-C PD210 - Ron Winton
7 How our Association was started - Ben Lyon
8 How our Association was started - just a little more - Ron Winton
9 A 207 Canadian Lunch - Barry Chaster, Bryan Quinlan, Russ Jeffs, Roger Whitehead - Bryan Quinlan
10 Loss of Manchester L7314 EM-Y F/O JDG Withers 21st June 1941 - Bob Kirby
11 Farewell to Jane: Daily Mirror's 'Jane' - Chrystabel Leighton-Porter obit (The Times) - Frank W Haslam
11 26 years on - No.5 Bomber Group Reunion Saturday 4th October 1975, Officers Mess Brize Norton - Bob Kirby
12 Bassetts - Dennis Buck
14 Flt Lt John Inshaw Rogerson DFC, ex 207 killed on 97 Sqn 16.8.44 - Eric Rimmington
14 Preparing for Lucky Strike - the 1958 SAC Bombing Competition - via Ivan Halstead
15 Destruction of the prototype Valiant WB210 on 12th Jan 1952 - John Prothero-Thomas via Paul Bennett
16 Ron Emeny's Wedding Dress: the wedding dress made from Ron's parachute: Ron was shot down on Mailly le Camp 3/4 May 1944 - Frank W Haslam
17 What have you been up to Ben? - Ben Lyon
18 Sgt John Henderson Todd, by his son: Sgt Todd died in 1975 - John Todd
18 207's daylight tailfin markings - Frank W Haslam & Ron Winton
19 SURVIVOR - description of Roy Hill's book: shot down EM-B PB756, Wall crew, 4 Dec 1944 - Frank W Haslam
19 All's well that ends well: Incident on Munich raid Autumn 1944: author was pilot 7/44-12/44 - Ray Cupit
20 Can you help? - Frank W Haslam
Bomber Command Association News issue no.3 sought
Alan Stewart Dickson ("Snow") Fitter IIE
John Stanford, Flight Engineer
William S Elder AFC, 2nd pilot, lost with Sexton crew, EM-W ED536 Nuremberg 25 Feb 1943
Bob Eustace DFC Mid Upper Gunner
Joe Blunn Fitter IIA
Edward William Palmer, Mid Upper Gunner lost with Milner crew EM-B ND866 8 July 1944
Richard Brown, Flight Engineer, lost with Isaacs crew EM-N ED533 2 March 1943
20 Erratum in Always Prepared p146: the Washingtons shown were of 115 Sqn not 207 Sqn - Frank W Haslam

2001 December : Margny and Spilsby Memorials

1 Margny summary - Ken Marwood
3 obituary - Emily Bentley - Catering 9/42-10/45 - Fred Pearce, Kevin Mapley
4 obituary - Ron Buck - Air Gunner 6/43-1/44, former Treasurer - Ron Winton, Raymond Glynne-Owen
5 obituary - George Baker - Flight Engineer 5/44-7/44 - daughter Linda Woods, Frank Haslam
5 James 'Paddy' Carr - daughter Joan Hamilton
6 Message of Appreciation from retiring Secretary/Membership Secretary Ron Winton - Ron Winton, Frank Haslam, Kevin Mapley
7 Sixtieth Anniversary of the ATC - Ken Brown, Ken Hunter
8 ATC Squadron Reports: 207 (Cranfield), 2266 (Spilsby)
9 Calling all Devon members - Ben Lyon, Dave Green
10 Spilsby Airfield Memorial Dedication 25 August 2001 - Kevin Mapley, Ron Winton
11 How I came by the photo of Sgt Ted Higgins in the Badge crew - Mark Chandler
11 Trees - a visit to the crash site of ED412 EM-Q at Le Bouveret - Jim Wright
12 Margny in pictures - Raymond Glynne-Owen
13 Sgt Rowland 'Charlie' Middleton DFM - Jack Simmons, as told to Mark Chandler
13 'Wavetops at my Wingtips' Les Baveystock DSO DFC* DFM [memoirs edited by Ben Lyon; WD 'Babe' Ruth connection] - Ben Lyon
16 New/Can you help?: Jack Read's writings when a POW, Jack was the sole survivor of R5616 EM-J missing from Bottesford 16 Aug 42:
Maurice Askew F/E in Jarvis crew lost on Leipzig 19/20 Feb 1944 EE126 EM-A seeks Wally Jarvis, pilot; Syd Pearson, Navigator or their families & families of W/Op Jeff Morey, M/U Len Linton, R/G Sam Rogers.
Gabi Fisher seeks info on F/O Henry Rowan Briggs kia 10 Jun 1944 on Etampes (pilot of ME678 EM-N).
Ray Burstall R/G in George Stenhouse's crew seeks Peter Chapman
Anyone recalling:
Sqn Ldr Roissetter, Chief Technical Officer at Spilsby
P/O Charles Travers RCAF, Bomb Aimer in P/O Jack Read's crew lost 21/22 Jan 1944 Magdeburg R5895 EM-B
Sgt Robert Wood of the Badge crew lost 13 Jul 1943 ED412 EM-Q
Dick Elsy, F/E in the Summers crew (completed tour Nov 1944)
Sgt CJW Gibbs, A/G in the Spraggs crew (completed tour Oct 1944)
F/O Wilfrid Edmonds kia 17 Aug 1942 with the Southwell crew (R5616 EM-J)
Sgt William Shaw, F/E in the Dallen crew lost on Revigny 18/19 Jul 1944 (ME614 EM-E)
Sgt George A N Thompson kia 30 Jan 1944 on Berlin in the Broad crew (DV371 EM-M)
F/O Frank W Cosens DFC, pilot of ND510 EM-T lost on Berlin 15 Feb 1944.
17 Russian nuclear rockets aimed at Norfolk in 1958 - The Times
Minutes of 2001 AGM