207 Squadron (RAF) Association Newsletters 1999
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1999 Spring : The Squadron History : Updated Register

2 No.7 Squadron RNAS casualties: five new names: W C Danzey, T S S Hood, W W Hutton, R H Watson, P M Yeatman: 207 Squadron RAF WW1 POWs: E R Barker, W Bayliss, E D Hudson, F Kemp, D C Kinmond, L Rose - John Hamlin
3 Dedication of two graves of previously unknown airmen, Lemvig, Denmark 17.9.98: W4945 EM-Z, Kenneth Rees crew lost 28/29.4.43 on a Gardening sortie - Frank W Haslam, Jim Cochrane
3 26/207 Squadron connection: Wyton Detachment Commanders board found at RAF Northolt: handing over to 26 Sqn - Ron Winton
5 obituary - Andrew Mathieson, Pilot 11/44-1/46 - Larry French, Tony Sturch, John Cranston, Ron Winton
6 ATC Squadron Reports 207 (Cranfield): 2266 (Spilsby)
7 The high untrespassed sanctity of space: the author who was Wireless Operator 7/44-12/44, was in Stalag Luft 1: fellow POW John Mitchell's friend on 412 Squadron P/O John Magee wrote the famous poem High Flight. Mitchell taught it to the author: link with Apollo 8 - Roy Hill
8 MacRoberts Reply: the author (Pilot & CO 3/47-3/48) was pilot of the first MacRoberts Reply a/c and had later connections with the MacRobert family and Trusts - Peter Boggis
9 My treasured memory: Madame Helene Sergejew hid the author (Flight Engineer 6/44-7/44) when he was shot down 7/8.7.44 LM129 EM-Y on St Leu d'Esserent - E K 'Peter' Phelps
10 An Unknown Airman no more: part 1 of 2 on the loss of W4945 EM-Z and the Rees crew on 28.4.43 near Lemvig in Denmark, and the quest to identify those buried as Unknown Airmen: Jim Cochrane is the brother of Sgt Alex Cochrane, Rear Gunner in that crew - Frank W Haslam, Jim Cochrane
11 It's Sandy, my pilot when we were on steam engines: Sandy Powell - correction to listing of 1945 Spilsby pilots photo in previous newsletter: description of 1946 sighting of crashed 207 Lancaster in the Wash ?ME386 EM-G: author was a Navigator 1/45-1/47 - Edgar Cullen
11 More from 207's Marham days on Valiants - part 3 of 3 - late Peter Squirrell
12 Hello you really old Northolt navigators - Dennis Buck
13 Youngster up in the air with 207: memories of visiting an older brother on 207 at Bottesford - Barry Grice
15 What happened to Dim Wooldridge's second pilot: Sgt V E Whitehall - Matt Poole
16 It's a small world: P/O M B Millward, Flight Engineer in Gallagher crew lost on Wesseling 21/22.6.44 ME827 EM-I: located in editor's research on Leatherhead War Memorials: Lincoln coincidence - Frank W Haslam, Terry Millward

1999 November : AVM David Dick 1924-1999

4 obituary - AVM David Dick, Pilot & CO 5/63-10-64 - Jeremy Dick, Ken Marwood, Ron Winton, David Bridger, Mike Harrington, Ken Hunter
6 obituary - Flt Lt Noel Atkin, Flight Engineer 12/43-5/44 - Harry Priestley, Ron Emeny
6 obituary - Andrew Mathieson, Pilot 11/44-1/46 - Bill Verralls
7 obituary - Robert 'Jock' Bryce, Flight Engineer 6/44-10/44
- Alexander Bryce
7 Always Prepared: text of speech by the author of the Squadron History at the 1999 Reunion Dinner - John Hamlin
8 Haudricourt memorial dedication 10.7.99: to the Boyce crew LM218 EM-N, lost 7/8.7.44 on St.Leu d'Esserent (two evaded) - Peter Phelps, Olive Hay
10 Not forgotten: 70 Squadron honour a 207 crew (Lafourgette village cemetery near Toulouse: W/O J R Senior's crew ME685 EM-C, lost 6.8.44) - Harry
10 The Dutch remember 207 : the author, an Honorary member, recounts the Annual Commemoration of the Dead at Eindhoven's General Cemetery, at which Jim Taylor (of the Seibert crew) and he laid a wreath. The story of the burial of John Seibert in 1941. Priestley- Kees Rijken

11 An Unknown Airman no more: part 2 of 2 - Frank W Haslam, Jim Cochrane
14 ATC Squadron Reports 2266 (Spilsby): 207 (Cranfield)
15 207's Dr Strangelove - 1941. The author, Electrician ?/41-5/45, explains how the photo at the top of this page came to be taken - Les Gaterell
16 All that history going for scrap -seeing rows of Stirling fuselages when stooging around in a Tiger Moth in the Summer of 1945 - Tony Wadley

16 Nearly the start of the Association : visit of some of the Watters crew to Northolt in 1982: Flt Lt Ben Lyon. The author was Bomb Aimer 1/45-10/45 - Ron Moore
16 My first op - with 'Dim'Wooldridge: author was Wireless Operator/Air Gunner and later a Bomb Aimer 9/41-10/43 - John Banfield
16 War medal mystery: the Davies crew, ex-207, killed in crash on 57 Squadron 30.7.44: P/O Basil Hunt : F/Sgt Cyril Gidman only body recovered, buried at Newmarket - Newmarket Journal
18 Like father like son: author was Pilot 1/62-1/65: his father was with 207 Squadron in the Sudan : further link to ACM Sir Neil Wheeler - Mike Harrington
19 Tuddenham - a little bit of heaven? The author was on 207 at this Suffolk RAF station in 1946: he was a Fitter (E) 4/46-7/48 - Ted Owen
20 Dave Crawford, Navigator 9/53-6/56 : seking news of Don Rigby and Ralph Casey - Dave Crawford
20 Canberras and Valiants: author was an Airframe Mechanic 1955-57: stories of the Bulganin and Kruschev visit to Marham and of Malta - James Watts
21 207 Squadron victory in Maltese bar : based on information provided by Ivan Halstead of the Instrument Section at Marham 1956-59: photo found in Joe's bar in Luqa village of 207 Squadron at the time of winning the Lawrence Minot and Armament Officers Trophies in 1960 - Ron Winton
21 Valiant WP219 print and history - Frank W Haslam