207 Squadron (RAF) Association Newsletters 1998
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1998 June : 80th Anniversary of the RAF sees 207 on the Internet

2 obituary - Arthur Barton, Flight Engineer in the Solly crew 4/44-6/44: evaded when LL973 EM-M was shot down 21/22.6.44 - Frank R Haslam, Peter Loakes, Eddie Chapman, Frank W Haslam
8 obituary - Ray Hawkins, Air Gunner 11/43-1/44 in the Burnet crew : POW - Chris Ensor, Ken Brown
8 obituary - Les Syrett AFC, Pilot 1/41-6/41, 2/42 : Guinea Pig : for long thought to have been killed in the crash of Manchester L7310 EM-H 21.6.41 - Bob Kirby, Christine Pateman, A B 'Joe' Parsons
12 Langar memorial seat, thanks to a donation by Honorary member Dorothy Ware - Barry Goodwin
12 ATC Squadron Reports 207 (Cranfield): 2266 (Spilsby)
14 54 years on from the 15.8.44 raid Wallace McIntosh returns to Deelen and Johnny Overgaauw - Wallace McIntosh
14 207 (Bomber) Squadron RAF - Players cigarette card - Frank W Haslam
15 RAF Stradishall Memorial : the use of 207's donation - RAF Stradishall Memorial Trust
15 207 Squadron Valiants 1956 - the first days May-July - Frank W Haslam
16 Description of the Squadron Standard for the Order of the Presentation Ceremony 23.7.56 - Frank W Haslam
16 Defence secrets shown to the Queen - Eastern Daily Press 24.7.56*
17 The Queen makes history at Marham RAF Station - Secrets and Ceremonial
[*these reports on the visit of HM The Queen to RAF Marham for the presentation of a Standard to 207 Squadron were provided by Norman Hamer, Navigator 6/56-11/57] - Eastern Daily Press 24.7.56*
18 Appendix 14 to Form 540 No.207 Squadron for July 1956 : the Drill for the Presentation of the Standard : Public Record Office - Frank W Haslam
19 Form 449 207 Squadron 31st July 1956 - Unit return of Officers and Airmen (Aircrew): Public Record Office - Frank W Haslam
19 No.207 Squadron. Semper Paratus. Per ardua ad astra.1944: found at an antique fair, a paperweight made from a one inch section from the base of a 40mm Mk4 shell case is thus inscribed. Top sealed with a copper disc mounted on which is an RAF NCO & Other Ranks cap badge. Who made it, where, and where would they get this calibre shell from? Author is a Friend member - Kevin Mapley
20 Research on Manchester/Lancaster losses in Belgium: the researcher is now a Friend member - Wim Govaerts
21 207's decorated RCAF on the Internet: listing from
http://www.airforce.ca/index.php3?page=canraf [link updated from that shown in article] - Frank W Haslam
21 Thunderbolt Reunion: AVM David Dick on a Thunderbolt, in 30 Squadron markings, at RAF Cosford Museum - Frank W Haslam

1998 November : Brigstock memorial dedicated

3 Dedication of memorial to three 207 airmen killed when DV361 EM-V crashed at Brigstock 22.12.43 : F/Sgt C E Ryall, Sgt T G Higgins, Sgt G C O'Neill - Sid Beaver, Paul Knight
4 obituary - Gp Capt Charles 'Ace' Newman OBE DFC*, Pilot & CO 6/57-7/58 - John Trevains, Norman Hamer, John Scullard, Ken Marwood, John Snee
6 obituary - S M 'Steve' Roberton, Pilot 1/45-8/45: Brian co-authored most of the Lancaster at War series of books - Brian Goulding
6 obituary - Alan N Smith, Navigator 9/44-12/45 in the Roberton crew - Frank W Haslam
7 207 Squadron Pilots, Spilsby May 1945 : photo - Brian Goulding
7 Dedication of a Tree at East Kirkby to the Solly crew: EM-M LL973 21/22.6.44 Wesseling - Frank W Haslam
8 A St.Leu evasion : the author was Wireless Operator in the Boyce crew LM218 EM-N, shot down 8.7.44 - Bob Parkinson
10 So we attended the parade in full flying gear : dealing with an officious 1943 Station Commander: author was Pilot 1/43-8/43 - Fred Richardson
11 80th birthday trip to the Le Bouveret memorial: Harold Badge, brother of the pilot of ED412 EM-Q: about the CWGC Cemetery at Vevey - Bryan Pattison
12 Filmography of John de Lacey Wooldridge: Pilot 1942 - Frank W Haslam
12 ATC Squadron Reports 2266 (Spilsby): 207 (Cranfield)
13 207 (Bomber) Squadron RAF - Players cigarette card - feedback - Frank W Haslam
13 More from 207's Marham days on Valiants - part 2 of 3 - late Peter Squirrell
15 The low-down on depressurisation : Valiant WP219 31.7.56: the author was Navigator 6/56-8/61 in Ollie Crookes' crew - Harold Jones
15 207's early Valiants: a highly detailed account : author was Radar Mechanic 4/56-11/57 - Mike Sarney
17 More on Ken Houghton : pilot, died in crash on take off from Lydda 2.8.45, in Liberator KN826 with 45 Group RAF Transport Command - Wim Govaerts
17 From Canada to East Kirkby for a Lanc: a nostalgic visit by the author, Pilot 3/45-8/46 to his former crew member Jack Lines - Graham Inglis
17 A 'shaky do' at Spilsby : 1 November 1944 ; on the scene at the collision of PD290 EM-N with the Halifaxes: the author was Navigator in the Brady crew, 5/44-9/44 - Norman Turton
18 Well I've finally done it: the author lands along the line of the old runway at Spilsby, in a Cessna 150 19.8.98, as part of his aim to land at all former Bomber Command airfields - Brian Goulding