207 Squadron (RAF) Association Newsletters 1997
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1997 Summer : Penny Beauchamp and Goldie Goldstraw

3 obituary - Wg Cdr W H 'Goldie' Goldstraw DFC*, Observer 5/41-6/42 - David Dick, Charlie Smith, Frank Belfitt
4 obituary - Wg Cdr Dave Schwab, Air Gunner 3/44-7/44 in the Millichap crew - Tom Scrivener, the Solly crew survivors
5 Out of the top drawer - Wg Cdr Kennet Henry Penrith Beauchamp DSO* DFC 1916-1996 - Bob Kirby
11 obituary - Ted Hudson DFC, Pilot 9/44-5/45: the author was Wireless Operator, 9/44-5/45, in the Hudson crew - Bob Mitten
11 obituary - Bill Hamilton DFC AE, Air Gunner 12/41-11/42: the author was a Wireless Operator 3/42-11/42 - Peter Rae
12 The Glider - Manchester L7391(?) EM-Y: so called because of its high unserviceability: the author was a Flight Mechanic 9/40-3/46 - James Carr
13 The loss of Overgaauw on Deelen: the author, Navigator 7/44-10/44, was in the a/c behind when Overgaauw's blew up and believes it was hit by flak rather than bombs from above - Des Wyatt
13 Round 2 on Al Foreman the boxer: more on the former British Empire and Canadian Light Weight Boxing champion who served as an Air Gunner on 207: how he sought transfer to 617 Squadron to join Wg Cdr Willie Tait - Wallace McIntosh, John Pearl
13 207's Devons and the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight: the author was a Navigator 4/76-5/83 - Slim Pocock
14 Yours Aye, Goldie: the author, who died before this poignant and very funny piece was published, was an Observer 5/41-6/42 - Goldie Goldstraw
15 Madame Perdereau: the author who was a Wireless Operator 5/41-5/42, also served on 76 Squadron, quotes from their newsletter on the granting of Honorary Membership to this gallant helper - Charlie Smith
15 Ted Higgins was a pilot on 207 in 1948 or 1949 and Tony (Pilot 11/47-7/49) seeks information on what happened to him - Tony Wadley
15 ATC Squadron Reports 2266 (Spilsby) including a report on excavations on the airfield: 207 (Cranfield) including care of a 207 grave P/O T R Williams 28.11.39
16 Recollections from Russ Jeffs AFC: part 3 of 3: the author was Pilot & CO 4/42-12/42 - Russ Jeffs
17 Three Manchesters at Hatfield: one force landed, the one Joe arrived in to sort it out landed on one engine and the third brought reinforcements: also known nowadays as 'Beck' the author was an Electrician 3/41-3/43 - A B 'Joe' Parsons
18 More from Larry Sutherland: part 3 of 3: July 44-end of tour Aug 44: the author was Air Gunner 11/43-8/44 - C B 'Larry' Sutherland

1997 Christmas : Marham Memorial Scroll dedication

2 Visit to France July 1997: St. Leu d'Esserent: Auvers-sur-Oise (Stamp crew): Neaufles St. Martin: SÚrifontaine (Hordley crew) - David Dick, Norman Turton
4 Marham Memorial Scroll Dedication 12.7.97 - David Dick
6 A sincere thank you - to those who tend 207's graves: Kees Rijken in Holland (John Seibert): Bryan Pattison in Switzerland - Vevey and Le Bouveret (the Badge crew): Jacques Meyer, Claude Le Roux France (the St. Leu d'Esserent crews): Barry Goodwin (Langar, UK) among many other members - Ron Winton
7 Final chapter of ME473: 21.6.97 unveiling of a plaque over some of the remains of the aircraft at East Kirkby - Ron Winton
7 obituary - John F Grime DFC, Pilot 5/43-1/44 - David Dick, Raymond Glynne-Owen
8 obituary - More on Penny Beauchamp: includes an Orde drawing of Penny - Peter Ward-Hunt, Frank W Haslam
9 obituary - Wg Cdr Tony Alder MBE, Pilot 5/58-8/60 - Alan Watkins
9 obituary - More on Dave Schwab, Air Gunner 3/44-7/44: Tom 4/44-6/44 was Navigator in the Millichap crew - Judy Schwab, Tom Scrivener
10 ATC Squadron Reports 2266 (Spilsby): 207 (Cranfield)
11 A poignant image: Sgt Dennis Chant, kia 13/14.10.42 Manchester L7373 EM-T - Bob Kirby

11 207 Squadron and Marham: part 1, up to 1960 - from RAF Nuclear Deterrent Forces, Humphrey Wynn (HMSO); RAF Marham, Ken Delve (Patrick Stephens); Wings Over Suez, Cull, Nicholle & Aloni (Grub Street) - Frank W Haslam
16 The Washington Crews: extracts from the publication John Laing (Air Gunner 6/51-1/53) was preparing - John Laing, late Arthur Haines
17 A National Service Air Gunner at Marham: author was an Air Gunner 6/51-9/52 - Ron Brown
17 Desert Gathering: returning the B29 Washingtons to their owner: the author was Pilot & CO 6/51-2/54 - Geoffery Fisher
19 More of a confession: hare shooting using the CO's Land Rover: the author was a Navigator 3/52-7/52 - Tom Hendrick
19 207 Canberras at Marham 1954-56: the author was a Navigator 4/53-4/56: crewed with Bert Conchie and with Dave Crowther - Jim Riley
20 National Service erk to SAC in two years: the author was a Radar Mechanic 4/56-11/57 - Mike Sarney
20 Market days and six mile walks: Marham dodges: the author was an AEO 1959-62 and later editor of the Aircrew Association's INTERCOM - Alan Watkins
21 Tales from El-Adem-with-grass (as Marham was sometimes known): the ex-fighter pilot Valiant captain for whom the mysteries of Bomber Command were too much: the lady who got a lift back during a Lone Ranger: the crew that strayed: the sortie against the American Sixth Fleet that upset them: venting during fighter affiliation: depressurisation coming back from Suez: the author was Navigator 6/56-8/61 - Harold Jones
22 On operations 1956: the author was a Navigator 6/56-11/57 - Norman Hamer
23 At the sharp end - 207 Squadron RAF Marham 1956-61: part 1 of 3: the author was a Nav/Plotter 6/56-6/61 and wrote this acount to record what it was like to be a junior aircrew officer on a V bomber squadron - late Peter Squirrell
24 I learned about smoking - and air power - from that: smoking a pipe as the solution to creating a more mature crew room image? The author was GD/AEO 5/62-12/64 and retired as AOC Recruitment and Selection - Mike Butler
25 207 Squadron in 1963-64: author was Pilot & CO 5/63-10/64
- David Dick
26 I disqualified a 207 crew in a Proficiency Competition: this was before Denis joined 207 where he was a Navigator 1963-65 & 1979-84 - Denis Mooney
27 A flash in the dark: short circuit on Valiant WP221: the author was an AEO 1963-65 - Alan Webb
27 When Marham was targeted by CND: the author was 'A' Flight Commander, Navigator 3/61-7/63 - Ken Hunter
28 Ken Letford and the Yangtze incident April 1949: also when some of Ken's F for Freddie crew, and others, met at Northolt - the day the Association was born - Ron Winton
29 Xmas 1943 RAF Station Spilsby menu card