207 Squadron (RAF) Association Newsletters 1995
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1995 Spring : 50th anniversary - End of WW2

2 - 207 Squadron/Spilsby weekend 29/30.4.95: Civic Event 29.4: Service at All Saints Great Steeping 30.3 to celebrate the final stage - the plaque now on the wall - Ron Winton, Frank W Haslam
3 obituary - Bill Benton DFC, Pilot 7/43-12/43: author Flight Mech E 1940-42, Flight Engineer 1943 was in his crew - Eric Rimmington
4 obituary - George Fomison DFM, Observer 11/40-3/41: George and Jim were in the Seibert crew lost on Düsseldorf on 27/28.3.41 in Manchester L7303 EM-P: the author was Wireless Operator/Air Gunner 11/40-3/41 - Jim Taylor
4 obituary - Les Mitchell DFC, Air Gunner 3/43-1/44 and with the Balme crew on 227 Squadron: the author was Air Gunner 3/43-11/43 - Alec Cordon
4 obituary - Jim Pickford DFM, Air Gunner 9/41-9/42; 1/44-8/44: Jim had been shot down over Holland and defended the British Embassy in the Hague: he later served on 604 Squadron in the Battle of Britain; he served both tours on 207 in the Pattinson crew and was commissioned in June 1944: later served on 9 Squadron. He flew with 103 pilots including John Cunningham - Larry Sutherland, Wallace McIntosh, Frank W Haslam
5 obituary - Ted Povey DFC DFM, Observer 4/42-3/43: also on 105 Squadron PFF completing three tours and over 100 ops: the author was also in the Read crew, Wireless Operator 3/42-12/42 - Peter Rae
6 What's the 'gen' on our new Treasurer?: David Green (Navigator 1/80-2/84) takes over as Treasurer from Ron Buck - Frank W Haslam
6 VE Day on 207 Squadron: the ORB for 1.5.45-16.5.45 - Frank W Haslam
7 VE Day in Press on Regardless the unpublished account of life on 207 squadron by Intelligence Section Officer Joyce Brotherton MBE 'the silver haired WAAF' - Frank W Haslam
9 VE Day reminiscences: D M Bell (Navigator 10/44-7/45); Fred Pearce (Flight Mech A 8/42-3/46); P M Lowick (Radar/Nav Instructor 2/44-4/46); W B Taylor (Air Gunner 1/45-4/46); A Tait (Flight Engineer 11/44-8/45); G D Chesworth (Observer 3/44-9/45); Ron Winton, Stalag Luft 1 (Wireless Operator 7/44-12/44); A N Smith (Navigator 9/44-12/45)
10 Avro Manchester: the legend behind the Lancaster: Bob gives the background to his book, then shortly to be published - Bob Kirby
11 Langar update: the Memorial and Memorial book become part of the local heritage - Barry Goodwin
11 From Kriegie to Aussie Air Vice Marshal: a medical student, he joined the RAF in 1942: shot down 16.12.43 in the Allen crew on Berlin (EE141 EM-P): POW in Stalag Luft 3 working with the camp doctor: qualified, GP in Coltishall, joined RAAF 1955, retired as AVM - Eric Stephenson
12 Best wishes from Robbie Robertson, Pilot & CO 4/59-5/61 - Robbie Robertson
13 Guy Gibson - the CO Harris wanted for 207: from Guy Gibson by Richard Morris - Frank W Haslam
13 Women on 207 Squadron: Gentlemen, it was an honour: author was a Meteorologist 1942-43 - Peggy Kaye

15 Women on 207 Squadron: Harry, Peggy and a packet of ... dates?: author was a Driver 11/42-1/45 - Peggy Priestley née Meek
15 Elusive 207: from recruitment to joining 207: the author was on the Radar Section 10/43-5/47 - Alec Gibson
16 Mike Cook, Navigator 9/64-10/64 - Mike Cook
16 More on Schräge Musik: Ken Brown (Navigator 11/43-1/44):Ron Winton (Wireless Operator 7/44-12/44): Des Horgan quotation from 75 Squadron history - Frank W Haslam
17 My Caterpillar's Home Run: George Baker gets his Caterpillar Badge back: the author was a Flight Engineer 5/44-7/44 - George Baker
18 Very Civil Aviation Aircrew: how the Millichap crew prospered in civil aviation: Roy Millichap - BOAC, DTI Aviation Division: Jimmy Jewell - CAA Familiarisation Flight: Dave Schwab Wg Cdr in Air Traffic Control, then CAA, head of the Southern ATC Centre (Tom Scrivener and Bill Goodwin became teachers): Tom 4/44-6/44 was Navigator in the Millichap crew - Tom Scrivener
18 Spilsby to Northolt: in 1945 Eric worked at Spilsby when an Aircrew Cadet: he was Navigation Leader 3/70-1/72 - Eddie Ambrose

18 More from the Rummery diaries: part 1 of 3: the author was a Flight Rigger 9/36-10/39 - late Fred Rummery via Mary Rummery
20 Mike Bryett's crew: Max Craghill (Pilot 8/62-4/65); Mike Butler (GD/AEO 5/62-12-64); Mike Payne (Nav Radar 4/63-3/65); Roger Korner (Nav Plotter (5/63-12/64) - Frank W Haslam
22 Two Stradishall crashes - did they involve 207 aircrew? 11.11.47 Lancaster TW467, 31.1.48 Lancaster TW902 - Raymond Glynne-Owen

1995 Autumn : A year full of memories and events

2 Bottesford Memorial dedication 17.9.95 - Ron Winton
3 No.55 Base East Kirkby: dedication of memorial stone 2.7.95 - Frank W Haslam
4 Dedication of the Hordley crew Memorial, Sérifontaine 8.7.95: the author was Flight Engineer (5/44-7/44) in this crew - George Baker
5 Return to Normandy: Sérifontaine, Neaufles St. Martin, Madame Perdereau - David Dick
6 obituary - Jack Edgar, Wireless Operator/Air Gunner 8/42-5/43: the author was Air Gunner then Bomb Aimer 8/42-10/44 and both were in the Wilkinson crew - Trevor Muhl
7 obituary - Bil Jewiss, Wireless Operator 11/44-8/45 - Edna Jewiss, Sid Beaver, Andy Tait, John Davies, Jock Sutherland, Frank Chambers, Don Bell, John Cranston, Ron Winton
8 obituary - Lt Col Frank Roper DFC RCAF USAF (Retd), Pilot 11/41-8/42 - Frank Roper III, Wallace McIntosh,Penny Beauchamp, Bill Hamilton, Frank W Haslam, Gordon Moulton-Barrett, Ron Winton
10 obituary - Mike Balcombe, Pilot 8/51-5/53 - Geoffery Fisher, Arthur Haines
10 obituary - A E 'Tiger' Price, Pilot 3/45-9/47 - Frank W Haslam
11 The Royal Air Forces Escaping Society has its exit: British Embassy Paris and Lincoln Cathedral - Frank W Haslam
12 207 Squadron 1947: the author was a Pilot & CO 3/47-3/48 - Peter Boggis
12 207 Squadron 1942: the author was a Pilot & CO 5/42-12/42 - Russ Jeffs
13 You'll need a drink for this one: the best I can do on the song Why, Oh Why 207: the author was Pilot 9/41-10/42 - Penny Beauchamp
13 VJ day 15.8.45 on 207 Squadron - Frank W Haslam

13 VJ day in Burma - David Dick
14 Avro Manchester - The Legend behind the Lancaster: 1995 Reunion talk by the author - Bob Kirby
15 ATC Squadron Reports 2266 (Spilsby): 207 (Cranfield)
16 The 207 Squadron CO 'Bomber' Harris wanted Gibson to replace - Russ Jeffs, Peter Ward-Hunt, Goldie Goldstraw
17 The Globe, American History and 207 Squadron: Sam Wanamaker USN flew (in full uniform) on Lorient with the French crew on 20.3.41 - Bob Kirby
17 Women on 207 Squadron: 2436859 LACW Saunders, Ma'am: the author was a Telephonist 6/44-3/45 - Vicky Muhl
19 Fright in Flight: when Lancaster EM-F became a flying fuel bomb 17.7.46: the authors were the Pilot and Wireless Operator - Graham Inglis, Malcolm Staves

19 More on VE day and after: author was Pilot 3/45-8/46 - Graham Inglis
20 Sqn Ldr Tedder quells mutiny on 207 Squadron: Bircham Newton 1923: from a biography of Tedder - Frank W Haslam
21 The last 207 Squadron bombing sortie of WW2 (?): PB782 EM-Y : [see the conclusion in the next issue] : author was Air Gunner 11/44-7/45 - Jock Sutherland
21 Marham days: the author was 'A' Flight Commander, Navigator 3/61-7/63 - Ken Hunter
22 Northolt gate guardian flies again: Spitfire XVIE TE476: for the first time in 35 years on 20.6.95: was part of the embryonic BBMF Flight: had a taxying role in the film The Battle of Britain: bound for the Kermit Weeks Collection in Florida - Frank W Haslam
22 Memories of Jock Hannah VC: the author was Wireless Operator 5/41-5/42: knew Jock as fellow instructor at RAF Cottesmore OTU 1941-42 - Charlie Smith
22 Course corrections: Denys Street lost on Berlin not Essen [Autumn 1994 issue]: POW march from Stalag Luft 4 - J E 'Earl' Taylor
23 On the Wings of Morning - RAF Bottesford 1941-45: Vince's official book launch 27.10.95 - Vince Holyoak
23 More on Schräge Musik: detailed article: Gravenhorst raid 21.2.45: statement by member of 467 Sqn groundcrew: summary of Major heinz Wolfgang Schnaufer's debriefing - 109 four engined bombers claimed destroyed from 160 sorties: Ted was Pilot 9/44-5/45 - Ted Hudson
24 Langar Memorial solace/Badge crew: Jim seeks contact with families of two members of this crew of which his father was a member: Sgt Edward Higgins, Sgt Robert Wood - Jim Wright
24 Listing of names in General Information on 207 Squadron at Marham during Ken's time - Ken Hunter

25 More from the Rummery diaries: part 2 of 3: the author was a Flight Rigger 9/36-10/39 - late Fred Rummery via Mary Rummery
25 The King's Message to the Royal Air Force, November 1918 - via Wallace McIntosh
26 What has become of Lancaster LL973 EM-M?: the author is a Friend member and grandson of helper Helene Deslsaer-Geurts: this was the Solly crew's aircraft, lost on Wesseling: an eyewitness account of the crash: finding debris still over 50 years on - Danny Vanstraelen