207 Squadron (RAF) Association Newsletters 1994
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1994 Spring : Langar Airfield memorial issue

5 obituary - Cyril Box, Pilot RFC & RAF 1/19-8/19 - John Box
5 obituary - More on Ollie Crookes, by his Navigator 6/56-8/61 - Harold Jones
6 obituary - Frank Bottomer DFC, Pilot 8/42-5/43: the author was his navigator 10/42-6/44: photo of some of crew with O for Orange in Trafalgar Square - Murray Baud
7 obituary - Reg Norley, Wireless Operator 10/44-2/46 - John Griffiths
7 Some Marham memories: author was 'A' Flight Commander, Navigator 3/61-7/63 - Ken Hunter
8 It's never been told in full before: an eyewitness account of the incident in the above article relating to Peter Coventry on Exercise Mayflight May 1961: author was Pilot 5/58-12/61 - Ken Marwood
9 The Creation of the Valiant - quote from Sir George Edwards, Chairman of the British Aircraft Corporation - BBC tv
10 RAF Bottesford 1941-45: condensed version of the talk given at the 1993 reunion: the author , a Friend Member, later published On the Wings of Morning - see 207 books - Vince Holyoak
12 Northolt Challenge: listing of names from the early 1970s: the author was Navigation Leader 3/70-1/72 - Eddie Ambrose
12 Is this a record? The author was one of only two pilots on the Squadron for a time in 1948 - Pilot 11/47-7/49 - Tony Wadley
13 207 Squadron in 1939 : identification of Squadron characters in a cartoon - Bill Angell, Rex Wheeldon, Douglas Wilson, Neil Wheeler
14 Ik bin blij U te zien, Gaston! memories stirred by the visit of a helper's family: the author was Wireless Operator 4/44-6/44 in the Solly crew shot down 21/22.6.44 in LL973 EM-M - Frank R Haslam
15 The Flying Dutchman - Flt Lt Geert 'Johnny' Overgaauw, kia on Deelen 15.8.44 LM263 EM-N: the author draws on work by Jan Verhagen, whom he visited in Holland in 1993 - Raymond Glynne-Owen

17 Last Words: a last letter home from Langar from someone who did not come back - Frank W Haslam

1994 Autumn : A year of memorials

3 Nuremberg Raid: 50th anniversary memorial service at Runnymede RAF Memorial 30.3.94 - Ron Buck, Frank W Haslam
3 50th anniversary of Mailly le Camp raid 3/4.5.44 - Frank W Haslam, Ron Emeny
4 Dedication and unveiling of the Langar Airfield 207 Squadron Memorial, Thursday 12th May 1994 - Frank W Haslam
5 Dedication and unveiling of the Stradishall Airfield Memorial, Sunday 29th May 1994: Paddy was Air Gunner 8/47-8/49 - Paddy Gilpin, Frank W Haslam
5 50th anniversary of the St.Leu d'Esserent raids: the operational history - Raymond Glynne-Owen
6 Dedication and unveiling of the Neaufles St. Martin 207 Squadron Memorial to the Milner crew ND866 EM-B, Saturday 9th July 1994: wreath laying at Bezu St.Eloi (Sgt Jacques grave): helper Mme Majo Perdereau honoured at Noyers: wreath laying at the Hordley crew graves at Marissel Cemetery, Beauvais
- David Dick
8 obituary - Mike Bryett, Pilot 8/62-1/64 - Gill Bryett, Roger Korner
9 obituary - George 'Geordie' Gibb, Bomb Aimer 11/43-1/44 in the Burnet crew in which the author was navigator - Ken Brown
9 obituary - H F 'Jesse' James, Air Gunner 12/43-6/44 in the J T H Giddens crew in which the author was Flight Engineer - Ken Dobson
9 obituary - Fred Rummery, Flight Rigger 9/36-10/39 - Mary Rummery
10 obituary - Norman Rushton BEM, Fitter IIA 3/41-3/43: author Ken Richards was Fitter II 11/41-11/43 - Edna Rushton, Ken Richards
11 Royal Air Forces Ex Prisoner of War Association: author is Secretary: John was Bomb Aimer in the Chaster crew lost on Essen 3/4.1.43 W4134 EM-U - John Banfield
13 The Great Escape, March 1944: in memory of Denys Oliver Street, pilot of ED600 EM-U lost on Berlin [not Essen as stated] 30.3.43, of which the author was mid-upper gunner. Denys was one of the 50 shot: includes drawing of Denys - Earl Taylor
14 Royal Air Forces Escaping Society: opening of RAFES Museum at East Kirkby: 207 Squadron helper Helene Delsaer-Geurts honoured - Frank W Haslam
14 Women on 207 Squadron - how I met my husband : Section Officer D J 'Sue' Burnett was Catering Officer at Spilsby: 8/43-8/45 - Sue Kenyon
15 Women on 207 Squadron - It's Sunday Miss .. Yes, but there's a War on!: Irene M Berry served in Pay/Accounts 8/40-9/42 - Irene Jackson
16 The night a land mine hit Waddington Church spire: author was Pilot 4/41-9/42 - Thos Murray
16 Schräge Musik - upward firing guns: author was Wirless Operator 7/44-12/44, shot down with the Wall crew in PB765 EM-B 4.12.44 - Roy Hill
17 The Magnificent Seven F for Freddie crew : an intact crew at the 1993 reunion (J A G Stephens DFC, N R Bury DFM, K Bate DFM, J N Love DFC, A J C Pegrum DFM, A Barfoot DFM, A T McDavitt DFM) - the crew
18 More polish on that shiny Washington WF565 - John Laing, Eric Butler