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The links on the left of your screen take you to pages specific to the Squadron based largely on the type of aircraft, though not all are yet covered. At times, such as when the Squadron was based at RAF Northolt, more than one type was flown.

According to the published Squadron History, ALWAYS PREPARED, published a few years before the advent of No.207 (Reserve) Squadron, the Squadron flew the following types of aircraft 1917-84: note that the links shown below are specific to the type and not to the Squadron.

No.7 Squadron RNAS 1917/18

Voisin Type III New Type pusher biplanes
Sopwith 1 Strutter Type 9700 Bomber (to April 1918)
Royal Aircraft Factory BE.2c (to January 1917)
Caudron G.IV
Short Bombers
HP O/100 (April 1917 to April 1918)

No.207 Squadron RAF 1918 to 1984

HP O/400 (May 1918 to August 1919)
DH.9A (February 1920 to December 1927)
Fairey IIIF (December 1927 to September 1932)
Fairey Gordon Mk.I (September 1932 to April 1935 and August 1936 to August 1937)
Vickers Vincent Mk.I (April 1936 to August 1936)
Vickers Wellesley (August 1937 to April 1938)
Fairey Battle (April 1938 to April 1940)
Avro Anson Mk.I (July 1939 to April 1940)

No.207 Squadron RAF 1918 to 1984

Avro Manchester Mk.I (November 1940 to March 1942)
Handley Page Hampden Mk.I (July 1941 to August 1941)
Avro Lancaster Mk.I (March 1942 to August 1949)
Avro Lancaster Mk.III (May 1943 to December 1947)
Avro Lincoln B.2 (August 1949 to March 1950)
Washington B.1 (July 1951 to March 1954)
English Electric Canberra B.2 (March 1954 to March 1956)
Vickers Valiant B.1 (July 1956 to July 1965)
Beagle Bassett CC.1 (February 1969 to July 1974)
De Havilland Devon C.2 (February 1969 to February 1984)
Percival Pembroke C.1 (February 1969 to March 1977)

No.207 (Reserve) Squadron RAF 2002-2012

Tucano T1

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