207 Squadron's Manchester losses
by serial

The normal crew complement for a Manchester was 6: d = died: p = POW: e = evaded:
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Serial No - Mark- Sqn Code - Pilot - Crew fate - Target & date

L7278 - EM-A Harwood FB - engine fire, hit tree in forced landing 15m E Wymondham, Leics returning from op - 4d - Lorient - 21.3.41
L7279 EM-B to 61 Sqn: 39MU: RAE: 39MU: written off 11.10.43
L7280 to 44 Sqn Conversion Flight: 83 Sqn: 83 Sqn Conversion Flight: 1654 CU: 1660CU: written off 15.10.43
L7282 to 97 Sqn: 39MU: 12 SoTT: SOC date unknown
L7283 to 25 OTU: 97 Sqn Conversion Flight : 1660 CU: 10 AGS as instructional airframe 3743M: SOC date unknown
L7284 EM-D to 61 Sqn: 39MU: SOC date unknown
L7286 to 61 Sqn Conversion Flight: 83 Sqn: 1660 CU: SOC 7.3.43 after stbd engine caught fire and a/c belly landed Waddington
L7288 EM-H to 97 Sqn: 61 Sqn: 1654 CU: SOC date unknown
L7290 to 97 Sqn: 49 Sqn: lost on Cologne 30/31.5.42
L7291 to 97 Sqn: 106 Sqn: 50 Sqn: 1654 CU: burnt out 4.4.43
L7292 to 97 Sqn: 61 Sqn: 39MU: SOC 10.11.43
L7293 to 1660 Conversion Unit: SOC 15.10.43
L7294 to 97 Sqn: 61 Sqn: 1654 CU: SOC 26.4.43 after engine misfired and caught fire, a/c stalled on approach, crashed & burnt out
L7297 to 1660 (?1661 according to Kirby) Conversion Unit : SOC 26.5.43 after engine fire in flight and emergency landing, u/c retracted stop overshoot
L7298 to 97 Sqn: 1654 CU: SOC 9.9 42 after belly landing off aerodrome
L7299 to 97 Sqn:
L7300 EM-S/F Hills AW - engine cut out on approach, hit ground and skidded into Fiskerton Lake 8m E of Lincoln - all safe - training - 23.1.41
L7302 EM-R Hyde H - crashed Hostrup, Germany, flak damage - all p - Kiel - 9.4.41
L7303 EM-P Siebert JA - encountered flak: engine failure: night fighter Oblt Herzog 3/NJG1 Eindhoven: crashed Bakel, Holland - 1d 5p - Düsseldorf - 28.3.41
L7304 to 61 Sqn: lost Kiel 27.6.41
L7307 to 97 Sqn
L7309 EM-J/O Dawkins G - shot down by Oblt Schoenert II/NJG2, crashed Sandel/Moens, nr Jever Germany - 1d 5p - Hamburg - 15.1.42
L7310 EM-H Kydd CJF - loose tappet nut led to blockage, engine cut out after taking off, crash landed & hit bank E side Sleaford Road, Dunstan Pillar, Lincs: Kydd was CO - 2d - training - 21.6.41
L7311 EM-F Keartland HG - shot down by ?Bf110 I/NJG1 Venlo, Hpt W Streib, crashed Kruchten, Germany - all p - Düsseldorf - 17.8.41
L7312 EM-L Bowes-Cavanagh DB - shot down by Bf110 of II/NJG1 Leeuwarden, Ofw P Gildner, crashed Eschen, Belgium - 1p 6d - Cologne - 14.10.41
L7313 EM-C Matthews HV - shot down by Ju88 intruder of I/NJG2 Gilze-Rijen, Oblt H Hahn after take off, crashed at Whisby, Lincs - 5d - Hamburg - 13.3.41
L7314 EM-T/Y Withers JGD - shot down in error by 25 Sqn Beaufighter at Wollaston, Northants - all d - Boulogne - 22.6.41
L7316 EM-U Gilderthorp TR - shot down by flak on approach to target, caught fire, crashed Oberkruechen, Germany - 2p 4d - Cologne - 1.9.41
L7317 EM-C to 106 Sqn
L7318 EM-K Crump EEG - dived into ground S Hykeham, Lincs, whilst in circuit near Waddington with 6 ground crew aboard - training - 10d - 15.9.41
L7319 EM-X to 106 Sqn
L7321 EM-D Unsworth J - shot down by Bf110 G9+KH of I/NJG1, St Trond, Oblt Griese, crashed Hozemont, Belgium - 5d 2e - Hüls/Cologne - 13.10.41
L7322 EM-B/Q - Bayley GR - hit by flak, crashed in sea near Ile Longue - 7d - Brest - 9.1.42
L7373 EM-T Paskell L - shot down by ?Bf110 of III/NJG1, Twente, Gefr Bruhnke, crashed SW Lommel, Belgium - 1p 1e 5d - Cologne - 4.10.41
L7377 EM-G Taylor GR - shot down by flak, crashed Gross-Beeren/Tetlow nr Berlin - 1p 5d - Berlin - 13.8.41
L7378 EM-A/M to 106 Sqn
L7379 EM-T Pinchbeck D - damaged by flak, crew baled out, pilot force landed near Hamburg - all p - Hamburg - 3.5.41
L7380 EM-W Lewis WJ - damaged by unknown night-fighter near Kiel, force landed on beach at Ameland Island, Frisians returning from op - all p - Berlin - 8.9.41
L7381 EM-R Smith M - Shot down by Dornier 215 crashed Lange Dijk, Holland - 6d - Berlin - 13.8.41
L7385 EM-O/U Pearson AS - Lancaster R5550 of 207's Conversion Flight (Sgt FS Akerman) taxied on to flarepath at Bottesford and was hit by L7385 which was landing, destroyed by fire - 2d (+3d in Lancaster) - training - 6.8.42
L7387 to 97 Sqn
L7389 to 83 Sqn
L7391 EM-Y to 106 Sqn
L7393 EM-V Mackintosh JC - starboard engine failed in flight, overshot landing at Perranporth, retracted undercarriage to stop, hit truck - all 5 safe - training - 18.5.41 - became 2660M instructional airframe 25 OTU 7.9.41
L7397 to 1660 Conversion Unit
L7419 EM-H/K to 50 Sqn
L7420 to 1660 Conversion Unit
L7422 EM-V Birch PC - damaged in night fighter attack over Netherlands en route to Cologne - 2nd pilot baled out POW - Beauchamp KHP - feathering test, after unfeathering starboard engine pilot failed to switch on ignition, lost height, belly landed Hardings Farm, Linwood 1m S Market Rasen - all 13 safe - 26.10.41 SOC 9.43
L7425 EM-C to 50 Sqn
L7432 EM-J/Z to 50 Sqn
L7453 to 97 Sqn
L7454 EM-M to 61 Sqn
L7455 EM-G to 50 Sqn
L7457 to 97 Sqn
L7468 EM-Z to 50 Sqn
L7476 EM-K to 50 Sqn
L7480 EM-L to 61 Sqn
L7483 EM-O/H became 3749M as an instructional airframe at 12 SoTT 17.6.43
L7484 EM-F/P to 83 Sqn
L7485 EM-G/D to 106 Sqn
L7486 EM-P/Z to 50 Sqn
L7487 EM-N Ruck-Keene JCL - ran out of fuel ditched 10m N of Gt Yarmouth on returning from mine laying sortie - all 7d - Sassnitz - 21.10.41
L7488 EM-Q to 106 Sqn
L7491 EM-O to 50 Sqn
L7515 EM-S to 106 Sqn
L7523 EM-M Wescombe BC - crashed Cliff Farm House, Holmpton, nr Withernsea, E Yorks at 2045 having been airborne over 3hrs, therefore likely to be homebound, destroyed by fire - all 7d - Hamburg - 14.1.42
L7526 to 1656 Conversion Unit
R5778 to 50 Sqn
R5782 EM-R to 50 Sqn
R5788 to 83 Sqn
R5790 to 83 Sqn
R5791 EM-V to 1485 Flight
R5796 EM-S/W to 106 Sqn
R5833 to 83 Sqn
R5835 to 83 Sqn


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Avro Manchester - The Legend behind the Lancaster, Robert Kirby (Midland Publishing, 1995)