Devons - BBMF days

Over the English Channel coming back from Normandy.  Norman Enston and Ian Hampton escorted the Hurricane over for the Caen Airshow as part of the 40th anniversary celebrations in June '84. 
Ian: "We didn't own up to the fact that 207 played a significant part in flattening the town of Caen in June 1944.  On the way back the British Aerospace owned Mosquito asked if he could tag along to save him going all the way up to the Pas de Calais for a shorter crossing. A special formation!  The Devon is VP952, now in the RAF Museum at Cosford."  

Over the Harz mountains in Germany on our way back from the Auf Dem Dumpel Airshow
20 Sept 83. Sqn Ldr Ian Hampton and Flt Lt Barry Masters in VP 977.
Ian: "These trips were a grand way of spending our summer week-ends."

images: Sqn Ldr Ian Hampton
last updated 20 Nov 2003