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DH Devon VP 962 was placed in storage after 207 Squadron disbanded in 1984 and was sold on 12 Oct 1984.

1985 - Formating through the 'clag' on Vic Norman's Devon en route to Hatfield [VP962/G-BLRB]

from FlyPast Dec 1985

"Eleven production slots behind at Hatfield was Vic Norman's VP962/G-BLRB. Handed over to the service in November 1948, VP962 served in West Germany from 1965 and was to be found in Saigon, Vietnam, with the Air Attache during the mid-1970s. Vic, who is a professional display pilot currently 'doing the rounds' in a Stampe SV and a Zlin Z.50L uses the aircraft as a 'family hack' giving him flexibility to get away from it all when he wishes. The family, courtesy Romeo Bravo had a holiday in France this year. Vic bases the aircraft at Kemble, Gloucestershire."

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