207 Squadron Photo December 1979: Part C


1 - Slim Pocock, Flt Lt, Nav, Northolt 2 - Mike Greenland, Flt Lt, Nav Northolt, ex 46 Sqn 3 - ? Steele, Flt Lt, Nav, Northolt 4 - Les Henson, Flt Lt, Nav, Northolt 5 - Fred Hambly, Flt Lt, Pilot, Wyton

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1 - Paddy Dinnes, Sqn Ldr, Pilot, Edinburgh*
2 - Dennis Buck, Flt Lt, Pilot Northolt, ex 52 & 46 Sqns
3 -
Dale Thomas, Flt Lt, Pilot Northolt, golfer extraordinary*
4 - Gerry Taylor, Flt Lt, Nav, Northolt, ex Britts
5 - Bob Dingwall, Flt Lt, Nav, Northolt
6 - ?, Clerk, Northolt
* inserted in photo

identifiers: Dennis Buck, Ian Hampton

Dale Thomas

Ian Hampton writes - I flew with him on 30 Sqn at Lyneham prior to his tour on 207.

Fred Hambly

Ian Hampton writes - a QFI/IRE extraordinaire.  When I arrived in '83 he was OC Training and there are lots of stories about him. A perfect gent, he set and maintained the highest standards.  I last 'bumped into' him at the Farnborough Airshow in 2000. He was retired but still flying at the Bodmin Flying Club.  He had just finished a part-time contract collecting and delivering from Germany, all the Grob Trainers that the RAF bought and that now equip all the University Air Sqns. Definitely one of the unsung heroes of the post-war RAF! 

Dennis Buck writes - At the time of the photo [Fred] was at Wyton. I first met him at Oakington on the Varsity. He was full of stories: one concerned losing an engine in a Meteor out of RAF Waterbeach. He knew you had to boot the ball one way or the other. Seems that he chose the wrong way. It was never his fault….seemed that his mother did all the flying when things went wrong!