207 Squadron December 1979: Part B

identifiers: Dennis Buck, Ian Hampton
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1 - George Dobson, Flt Lt, Nav Northolt
2 - Dave Wilson?, Flt Lt, Nav, Edinburgh*
3 - Glynne Wadey, Flt Lt, Nav, Northolt
4 - Curly Lawrence?, Flt Lt, Nav, Northolt*
5 -
Dave Perrin, Flt Lt, Pilot, Northolt, ex Hercs
6 - Frank Hayward, Sqn Ldr, Pilot, Northolt, i/c training
7 - ?
8 -
Larry Chamberlain, Flt Lt, Pilot, Northolt*
9 - Jim Hogg, Flt Lt, Nav, Northolt, had sight in one eye after a car accident.


1 - Des Taylor, Flt Lt, Pilot, Northolt
2 - Dicky Derbyshire, Sqn Ldr, Nav, OC Wyton Detachment
3 - John Easton, Sqn Ldr, Nav, Northolt, OC 207 Sqn
4 - Les? Blackburn, Sqn Ldr, Nav, Wyton

* inserted in photo

Dave Perrin

Ian Hampton writes - I flew with him on Hercs & he worked for me in Sri Lanka for a month in '78 and he was still on 207 Sqn when I arrived at Northolt.  Last seen flying 737s for Danair.

Larry Chamberlain

Ian Hampton writes - He did over 7 years on 207. In his early days he flew Hornets with 28 Sqn in Hong Kong.