207 Squadron Photo December 1979: Part A


1 - George Mitchell, Flt Lt, Pilot, Northolt [I'm sure it is after time with SOAF - DB]
2 - Doug Hunter, Flt Lt, Pilot, Northolt
3 - George Hipperson, Flt Lt, Nav, Northolt, was on 207 earlier on the Bassett
4 - Murray Jones?, Flt Lt, Pilot, Wyton*


1 - Paul Bennett, Nav, Wyton
2 -
Joe Kmiecik, Flt Lt, Pilot, Northolt
3 - Les Bryson? Flt Lt  Pilot, Northolt
4 - Dicky Burden, Flt Lt, Pilot, Northolt

* inserted in photo

identifiers: Dennis Buck, Ian Hampton
last updated 28 Oct 03

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Joe Kmiecik : Dennis Buck writes - Did Joe K ever get his memoirs published? I once read the proof and was absolutely fascinated. He told of his escape from the Germans, killing the odd one or two on the way. His time in solitary when he kept sane by doing mathematical problems in his head…all written in his own unique style!

Joe's son Jan Kmiecik writes (31 Mar 2005) In answer to the question regarding Dad's memoirs, the story of the part of his life spent escaping from Poland was indeed published by Quartet books in 1983: A Boy in the Gulag ISBN 0704323265. It was good that it was printed, but a shame that the emotion of the book he wrote was removed by the rather left-leaning publisher. The published volume lacked the fire of the manuscript.

Sadly Joe was electrocuted at home in Spain whilst having a "swift shufti" at the high tension pylon in the garden, and died 19 Feb 1993.