After their B-29 Washingtons had been returned to the USAAF, English Electric Canberra B.2s took 207 Squadron into the jet age in 1954 at RAF Marham and flew them until March 1956.  With a crew of only three their introduction caused a major reduction in the number of aircrew. One crew was lost when their aircraft crashed on approach to the runway (see Memorials pages). In 1956 the Squadron disbanded and re-formed, still at Marham, re-equipping with Valiants.

WE118 converted to T.4 for Station Flight Hemswell
WF916 to 44 Sqn
WH643 stored until SOC 17.6.63
WH645 to 115 Sqn
WH870 to 32 Sqn
WH876 13 May 55 collided with WK142 losing most of aileron control: to 73 Sqn: Bedford Fire Dump
WH886 to 44 Sqn, 73 Sqn: sold 1969 to BAC for conversion to Argentinian B.62 specifications. Delivered 1 Sqn FAA Sep 1971. Was one of two Argentinian Canberras shot down during the Falklands conflict in 1982.
WH904 to 35 Sqn
WH905 damaged by a flock of gulls during take off: repaired: 25 Oct 54 damaged when bomb hung up exploded on landing: to 115 Sqn
WH906 flew into trees on approach to Marham 3 Dec 1954 : see Memorial pages
WH925 to 18 Sqn
WJ618 to 32 Sqn
WJ631 to 115 Sqn
WJ648 to 18 Sqn
WJ718 to 35 Sqn
WJ978 transferred from RAF charge 26.2.57
WJ993 to 6 Sqn
WK102 to 75 Sqn RNZAF on hire, returned to UK.
WK106 converted to T.11 for 228 OCU
WK117 to 90 Sqn
WK142 13 May 55 collided with WH876, lost one tip-tank: to 90 Sqn

sources: Always Prepared p218: SOC = struck off charge
Forever Strong, history of 75 Sqn (N Franks): various websites