Joyce Brotherton's grave - directions

image via R Glynne-Owen
Joyce is buried in the very large Bishop Auckland Cemetery. If you are not too far away and are ex-207 or have a connection with the Squadron, it would be nice to think that someone might place some flowers on her grave and keep it tidy from time to time, especially on Remembrance Sunday.

Joyce's grave is in Section 15 - see sketch map below - near the eastern boundary of the cemetery in, it would appear, Row 31, the ones alongside being Przybyl and Newton.

Row 37 would seem to be at a boundary.

If you are a member of Joyce's family or knew her in any way, please contact Frank Haslam, the website editor.

Foster     Chappell 37
Whalen     Chappell 36
Cook     Cartwright 35
Dobinson     Cartwright 34
Thubron     Todd 33
Baker     Todd 32
Przybyl BROTHERTON Newton Yates 31
Wheatley     Yates 30
Illingworth     Illingworth 29
Cummins     Whalen 28
Waine     Whalen 27

orginal map via Ron Swinden
Enquiries about the cemetery: Wear Valley District Council, Community Services Dept, 01388 765555

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