207 Squadron RAF Association - Friday May 6th 2005
CWGC Cemetery Heverlee - two Solly crew members

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The pilot, CJ Mike Solly, is buried in Leopoldsburg CWGC

JEWELL, EDWIN JACK Sergeant (Air Gnr.) RAFVR 207 Sqdn

Age: 23 died 22/06/1944
Service No: 1330507
Son of Joseph Benjamin and Rose Jewell; husband of Jean Jewell, of Dover.
Grave/Memorial Reference: 12.F.11.
Lancaster EM-M LL973

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SHAW, JOHN Flight Sergeant (Nav.) RAFVR 207 Sqdn.

died 22/06/1944
Service No: 1577422
Grave/Memorial Reference: 12.F.10.
Lancaster EM-M LL973

Jacky Jewell, as he was known, had spent three years in the RAF as an MT driver before remustering as aircrew. One day he was in the Tywardreath area when, so the story goes, a bee entered the cab of his vehicle and flew persistently at his face. He failed to take a corner and crashed through a fence into the front garden of a house. The occupants were very sympathetic and gave him a cup of tea. The daughter of the house struck up a conversation with Jacky and six months later they were married. One of the crew survivors thought her father might have been a doctor.

On return from captivity the Rear Gunner, Peter Loakes, went to see Jacky's widow, Jean Jewell and her mother. Their address was Glentana, Tywardreath Highway. We do not know Jean Jewell's maiden name or if she remarried. At the time Jacky's headstone was erected Jean was living in Dover.

The remaining survivor and families of the crew would like to find Jacky's relations.

Frank Haslam snr tells us of the last moments

Frank with Johny, Eddie with Jacky

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