Bassett Instrument Panel

"Note the Decca complete with roller map ... great at 10 kts, not so good at 180 kts."
source: Dennis Buck

Dennis adds: "No ADF and single VOR/ILS but it did have a primitive autopilot specially designed to cut out just as the passengers were about to sip their coffee. Where was the toilet, you may ask? Hopefully still in Stores as a canvas screen etc was available, but I would think a bit unsociable for anyone to use it ...

Not an aircraft I loved! Group 3 which meant an engine failure on take off would be followed by a forced landing. De-icing fluid for 15 minutes propellor anti-ice with a couple of squirts held in reserve to clear the windscreen. A nitrogen cylinder, if fully charged, supplied 40 applications of the rubber boots to de-ice the leading edges of the wings etc, the operation of which increased the stalling speed. Just a small build up of ice would decrease the indicated airspeed to around 90 kts from 180 or so if clearance to descend was not granted ... stalling in cloud on airways was not really fun. No wonder it was replaced by the trusty Devon."

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