The Angell Collection
Cottesmore April 1938-August 1939

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Wellesley at Cottesmore: 3 of the 4 hangars,
the 4th hangar is out of the picture to the right

Wellesleys in the hangar

Line up of 35 Sqn & 207 Sqn Battles at Cottesmore
for publicity purposes (British Movietone News visit 3 May 1938).

F/O Hudson and a 207 Battle: Hudson, possibly an Australian,
is believed to have subsequently been killed in a flying accident

View from the cockpit of a 207 Battle

207 Battles B (K9185) and C (K9186)

207 Battle C (K9186)

207 Battles: foreground A (K9196)

Battle K9181, possibly a dual version

Battle K9181 in front of hangar

207 Battle NJ-A (K9196) in warpaint

A detailed view of the controls of a 207 Battle 1939

The four hangars at Cottesmore

Cox - Lew Johnston (RAAF) - Pluto Angell: Bertie Hoare with dog

His name was Bird

207 crew-room at Cottesmore


Cottesmore 'Dive' (Mess) - note cars

Pete Fleming, 207 Flight Commander, asleep

'Tosis' Halliday asleep on a Saturday afternoon

Close view of the four Cottesmore hangars

Cottesmore's Married Officers' quarters

Cottesmore's Married Officers' quarters as of November 1938

Cottesmore Officers' Mess as of November 1938

Cottesmore Officers' Mess as of February 1939

Cottesmore Sick Quarters

207 was again visited at Worthy Down by British Movietone News
on July 26 1938 for the shooting of a newsreel film:

207 Battle being bombed up for the film-makers: July 1938

Formation flying for the film-makers: July 1938

Battle night flying accident 1/3

Battle night flying accident 2/3

Battle night flying accident 3/3

Another Battle night flying accident 1/2

Another Battle night flying accident 2/2

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - Bertie Hoare

Pete Fleming and his A Flight boys

July 1938 L-R in flying gear: 1 - 2 - 3 - Pluto Angell - 5(partially hidden) - 6 - 7
Pete Fleming - 9 - Bertie Hoare -11 - 12 - 13 - 14