Some finds from the crash site of ED554 EM-Q

Shown by Just Kroon: Dinghy knife: the top edge is sharp, the bottom edge is blunt, so as not to puncture the dinghy. The handle is made of bouyant material.
Unused versions have been seen where the handle is thicker, in a block shape, with a lanyard attached - see below.
image source: Haslam

The purpose of the dinghy knife was to enable the dinghy to be readily cut free from the aircraft after it had been inflated from its stowage in the wing after landing on water.
The purpose of the holes in the blade is not known, though they would of course by reducing the mass of the blade better enable it to float.
image source: Haslam, from an internet sales site


Shown by Just Kroon: Thought to be an aircrew boot, one of a pair found at the crash site by the farmer. Originally they would have been black - perhaps the colour came out after being immersed for so long. Note the double row of stitching about a third of the way up the boot. The top part could be cut off to convert the boots to shoes, which might be less conspicuous.
image source: Haslam


Left: Front view, showing zip
Above: Detail of sole of boot "Redfern's. Made in England"
images source: Haslam

Machine gun trigger views, shown by Just Kroon

marking A23064

marking A20701


marking A6620?
(the black item at the top is not part of the trigger)

Perhaps the most poignant moment of the visit, when Just Kroon showed Jeanne Harvey what he believes to be the mid upper turrret ring from ED554 EM-Q.

Her father, Sgt Ronald Dampier, was the Mid Upper Gunner

Images source unless otherwise specified: Haslam
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