Several thousand tickets were available to attend the Dedication, with admission to the Memorial or
Salute (where the ceremony was shown on a screen) areas being decided by Lottery.

The ceremony can be seen on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVnanoHzE3U

Salute Area: the gathering assembles: source Ray Williams

Salute Area: Harry Priestley (Flight Engineer 12/43-6/44) and some of the D'Arcy Thompson family
(Judy - 3rd in row - and David - 6th - are Friend Members)

Salute Area: Fred Richardson DFC (Pilot 1/43-8/43) and his son

Salute Area: Roy Hill (Wireless Operator 7/44-12/44, PoW) & Mrs Hill

Salute Area: Tim Chamberlin, Friend Member and member of the Langar Airfield Memorial Committee, with Mrs Chamberlin

Salute Area: Peter Sells
Peter died suddenly at the end of August, two months after this photo was taken.

Ray & Jeff Williams - sons of Sergeant Haydn Davies RAFVR - 207 Squadron, kia 18 October 1943 on Hannover,
who has no known grave and is commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial.
Ray is a Friend Member: source Ray Williams

Prince Charles chats to an RAAF veteran: source Ray Williams

Salute Area: Frank Haslam, Friend Member, website editor, wearing his father's medals (Frank Haslam, Wireless Operator 4/44-6/44)

The BBMF Lancaster drops poppies over the gathering

The flypast by Tornadoes

Some of the figures in the memorial: source Ray Williams

source Ray Williams

Tom Dooley - Organiser of the Memorial Fund: source Ray Williams

Frank Dell, last Chairman of the Royal Air Forces Escaping Society - Mrs Diana Morgan, Escape Lines Memorial Society committee member

Elizabeth Harrison MBE, last Secretary of the former Royal Air Forces Escaping Society
and designer of the RAFES plaque that is in several major churches around the world

images: Haslam, unless otherwise stated
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