What is known of the Weekes crew's operations?

F/O Weekes first flew on operations with 207 Squadron with Flt Lt Overgaauw to gain experience of the 'real thing', as second pilot ('second dickey') on one of the raids on St Leu d'Esserent on 7/8 July 1944.

He then captained his own crew on their four operations:

1st: 12/13 July 1944 - Chalindray: crew as buried at Margny except Sgt Keith Paine: the Rear Gunner on this trip was Sergeant FF Baldwin RAF(VR)

2nd: 14/15 July 1944 - Villeneuve St George: crew as on 12/13 July

3rd: 18 July 1944 - Caen (daylight): Sgt Baldwin did not fly, the Rear Gunner was Flight Sergeant TJ Dawson RAAF

4th: 19 July 1944 - Revigny: crew as buried at Margny: missing

It is believed that Sgt Baldwin was a gunner in the Milner crew: he was not flying with them when they were lost on the St Leu d'Esserent raid of 7/8 July 1944 (see Milner crew in the Memorials pages).

Sgt Dawson was only briefly on the Squadron, posted in on 9th July and posted out on 19th July.

Both Sgt FF Baldwin and F/Sgt TJ Dawson survived the war as they are not listed in the CWGC Debt of Honour database.