The former RAF Langar airfield, now in civil use, is situated  on the road between the villages of Langar and Harby on the border of Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire.

The memorial is at the entrance to the airfield from the Harby Road/Langar Lane, not far from the Control Tower. It was erected on the initiative of the local community and was unveiled by Mrs Dorothy Ware, the widow of Sgt Thomas Skelton, lost on ops from Langar 13.5.43. The inscriptions read: -

In memory of
those who gave
their lives with
207 Squadron RAF Langar.' 

'This Memorial was erected by the local community in
tribute to the 251 members of 207 Squadron who gave
their lives whilst serving at this airfield. September 21st
1942-October 13th 1943.  Dedicated May 12th 1994.' 

source: Goodwin

A Memorial Book was also placed in St.Andrew's Church, Langar.  A wooden seat situated beside the airfield memorial has also been donated by Mrs. Ware. Ten years later in 2004 a re-dedication ceremony took place.

In March 2011 a special plaque at the former RAF Langar airfield was unveiled by John Whyte, a Friend Member from New Zealand. John's father F/S John Whyte (Pilot) was one of two (the other was the Flight Engineer F/S Stan Eyre) who survived the loss of their aircraft near the French village of St Brisson of Lancaster EM-M L7547. It was one of the force attacking Milan and one of 9 aircraft from 207 Squadron then based at Langar. A memorial at St Brisson commemorates the crew.

The plaque sets out the history of Langar Airfield and was organised by the Langar Airfield Memorial Committee.

The local press report was as follows:


"Members of the Hose and Harby Royal British Legion, along with members of the Langar Airfield Memorial Committee, attended a plaque unveiling ceremony at the airfield recently.

John Whyte and his wife, Mary, from Christchurch, New Zealand, arrived at the Langar 207 Squadron memorial site to honour his father, Flight Sergeant John Henry Francis Whyte. Flt Sgt Whyte was shot down, but survived, in a Lancaster Bomber (M for Mother) on February 15, 1943 which had taken off from Langar Airfield. Mr Whyte also unveiled a plaque detailing a brief history of the airfield from 1942 to the present day.

Special thanks go to Andrew and JulianSpence and Martin Putnam for constructing the plinth and B&H Midland Services for its help with printing."

Tim Chamberlin, John Whyte, Gordon Spence and Mike Weston are shown with the plaque. The plaque and its siting are shown below.