207 Squadron RAF Association - The Valiant - Material for a DVD

7 March 2006 - the Association has been contacted by Mr Bryan Wolfe as follows:

I wonder if you could help me. I work for DD Home Entertainment, formerly DD Video. I am just about to put together a film history of the Valiant with footage from Vickers, the IWM, ITN News and Movietone. This will be for sale rather than broadcast. It aims to fill the gap that many have felt has been left in the coverage of the V-Bombers

What I need is to interview aircrew and groundcrew:

- including at least one pilot to talk about the handling of the aircraft generally, preferably someone who had done one of the record breaking flights or dropping the Bomb.

- also members of the ground crew about the preparation of the aircraft before and after a flight. A Weapons officer would be interesting

- an expert to give me an overall history of the Valiant in its context at the time.

I have footage of most of the major incidents including footage in the USA at Offutt, the Suez Crisis, the Atom and Hydrogen tests.

I invite those willing to be interviewed to contact me as soon as possible - if I think it is the sort of thing I am looking for I will follow them up and get them on film. I am grateful to 207 Squadron RAF Association for publicising this project but of course those taking part would not be limited to those who were on 207 Squadron.

My most recent project has been to produce a DVD on the Seafire.

I can be contacted on 0208 546 3870 at Bryan Wolfe Productions Ltd, 32, Blenheim Gardens, Kingston Hill, Surrey KT2 7BW or by email on bryanwolfeprods.ukATvirgin.net (replace AT with @ before sending).
Bryan Wolfe