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Other Northolt names recalled

Some of the following entries may be inconsistent and will be checked on further research visits. Some entries are recorded more fully than others in the Squadron ORBs.

sources: (records after 1975 are not accessible via the National Archives)
AIR27/3179 207 Sqn ORB 1967 (sic) to 1971
AIR27/3662 207 Sqn ORB Jan 1972-Dec 1975

If there is a destination then it is a posting from 207 at Northolt: if there is no destination or a source unit is quoted then it is a posting to 207 Squadron. If you can add first names for anyone shown here please contact the editor.

207 Squadron Northolt postings

Name, rank, role, date, to/from

Ambrose, Eddie A Flt Lt Nav 23 Feb 1970
Arthur, Lez T Sqn Ldr Jan 1972 incoming OC207: Mar 1973 outgoing OC207: terminal leave: May 1973 retirement
Atkinson, A Flt Lt 28 Oct 1970 from 22 Sqn
Axten, R Sqn Ldr Jul 1973 from RAF Andover
Ayre, KWA Ken Flt Lt Nav 1 Jul 1969 promoted to Sqn Ldr: May 1973 retirement

Baldie, Ian S Flt Lt Pilot 21 Aug 1969 to RAF Wildenrath:ceased 17 Sep 1969: 18 Jan 1971 to Comets at RAF Lyneham
Barrett, D Flt Lt Aug 1973 from RAF Laarbruch
Bebbington, HA Flt Sgt 14 Jul 1969 to RAF Henlow for No.225 OCTU Main Course
Bennett, HE Flt Lt Pilot 16 Oct 1969 to 207 Sqn Det Turnhouse: 11 Dec 1970 to RAF Bruggen as Ops Officer
Berridge, Alan Fg Off Dec 1971: 30 Apr 1975 promoted to Flt Lt
Beverley, O Flt Lt Aug 1973 from RAF Wildenrath
Bloor, WHHC Wally Flt Lt Pilot 10 Jan 1970: Feb 1973 to ATC School, RAF Shawbury
Bosher, JH Doug Flt Lt 29 May 1972 retired
Brecken, S Sqn Ldr Jun 1973 from RAF Cosford: Oct 1975 retired
Buck, Dennis G Flt Lt Pilot Feb 1971 from Bassett Conversion Unit: Dec 1973 to RAF Wildenrath
Budge, CR Flt Lt Mar 1975: Aug 1975 posted supernumerary to RAF Northolt prior to his PVR
Butcher, FA Flt Lt Sep 1972 from 60 Sqn
Butler, CGM Flt Lt 16 Apr 1970 to No19 Bloodhound II Cse, RAF North Coates

Carter, N Flt Lt Aug 1973 from RAF Akrotiri
Chillery, BJ Brian Flt Lt Feb 1973 from 32 Sqn: Jun 1974 to Careers Information Office London
Clayton, JM Flt Lt May 1973 from 32 Sqn: Apr 1974 to Ops RAF Northolt
Cockfield, G Flt Lt Dec 1974 from Devon Cse RAF Andover
Colam, Glen Flt Lt Nav 4 Aug 1969: Jun 1972 retired
Collett, D Flt Lt Aug 1973 from RAF Upavon: Sep 1974 to HQ STC
Cook, FJ Flt Lt Oct 1973 from RAF Honington
Coombes, P Flt Lt Jun 1972 from Devon OCU, RAF Andover to 207 Sqn Det Turnhouse: Sep 1974 to RAF Marham
Corry, R Flt Lt Dec 1971

Dalton, G Fg Off Nav 21 Aug 1969 to RAF Wildenrath: ceased 17 Sep 1969: Dec 1971 to Hercules OCU Thorney Island
Daniels, JG Flt Lt Aug 1975 posted in supernumerary
Davey, Robin Flt Lt Aug 1974 from RAF Gan
Dunn, GA George Flt Lt Pilot 12 Oct 1970 to RAF Little Rissington

Edmunds, R Flt Lt Jan 1974 from RAF Scampton
Elliott, RL Ralph Fg Off Pilot 23 Feb 1970: Flt Lt May 1972 to 207 Sqn Det Turnhouse: Oct 1973 to BCU Wyton
England, DCE Sqn Ldr Pilot promoted to Acting Sqn Ldr 9 Jun 1969: 29 Sep 1969 to Oxford University Air Sqn:

Fallon, RD Fg Off Feb 1972 from 60 Sqn
Fogg, WG Gordon Flt Lt Dec 1971: Jun 1974 to HQ 1 Group

Gault, A Flt Lt Apr 1974 to HQ 46 Group
Gaut, John Flt Lt Pilot Oct 1971
Gibbons, L Fg Off Jul 1971 from RAF Wildenrath: Nov 1971 to 207 Sqn Det Lindholme
Gothard, FL Leigh Flt Lt Nav 24 Aug 1970: Jun 1973 to RAE Farnborough: Jul 1973 to RREU RAF Farnborough
Greenland, J Mike Flt Lt Aug 1975 returned from 84 Devon Cse fully operational

Hall, Dave Flt Lt Feb 1972 from Bassett OCU, RAF Wyton: May 1974 to 231 OCU RAF Cottesmore, Canberras
Hall, JE Flt Lt Jul 1974 from 21 Sqn
Hall, RW Bob Sqn Ldr Pilot 1 Sep 1970
Hamlyn, Geoff Fg Off 1 May 1972 from Bassett OCU, RAF Wyton: Flt Lt Dec 1974 to 8 Sqn RAF Lossiemouth
Hart, RJA Dicky Fg Off Nav May 1971 to RAF Brize Norton
Hayward, Frank Flt Lt 1 May 1972 from Bassett OCU, RAF Wyton: Mar 1974 to 115 Sqn RAF Cottesmore
Hayward, Richard T Dick Flt Lt Pilot 30 Oct 1969
Henson, WJ Les Flt Lt Sep 1975 posted in
Herd, Gerry LM Fg Off Nav May 1971: Flt Lt Jan 1974 to RAF Gan
Hipperson, George Flt Lt Nav Oct 1972 from BCU Wyton: Apr 1974 to RAF Akrotiri: George adds he rejoined in Sept 1978 from Finningley (Nav Refresher Course), remaining until retirement in June 1982

Ivelaw-Chapman, J Murph Flt Lt Pilot Feb 1971 from Bassett Conversion Unit

Jackson, JJ Flt Lt Jun 1972 from Devon OCU, RAF Andover: Sep 1974 to RAF Lossiemouth
James, EW Flt Lt Pilot 28 Jul 1969 to 207 Sqn Det Turnhouse: 6 Oct 1969 to RAF Valley: 5 Nov 1973 from 21 Sqn
Jarvis, SG Steve Flt Lt Jul 1973 to RAF Boscombe Down
Johnson, R Flt Lt May 1973 from 1 NAS, RAF Finningley
Jones, DG Flt Lt Nav 9 Feb 1970 to RAF Benson

Kent, Beverley R MBE Sqn Ldr 5 Aug 1970 incoming OC 207: Jan 1972 outgoing OC207: terminal leave
Kmiecik, Joe Flt Lt Aug 1973 from ATC RAF Northolt

Labercombe, J Flt Lt Pilot Nov 1972: Apr 1973 rejoined from Devon Conversion Cse, RAF Andover
Langdon, PG Pete Sqn Ldr Feb 1972 from Bassett OCU, RAF Wyton: Jun 1974 to Ops RAF Northolt
Lawrence, N Curly Flt Lt Sep 1975 posted in supernumerary
Livingstone, D SAC Apr 1974 to RAF Masirah

Macareavey, HIB Flt Lt Pilot tbc:11 Jan 1971 to RAF Little Rissington
Maggs, Ken Flt Lt Aug 1972 from Devon OCU
McLean, I FP Pilot 27 Oct 1970 to Support Sqn, Boscombe Down
Mercer, Mike Flt Lt Apr 1974 from 21 Sqn
Merritt, BW Flt Lt Sep 1975 posted in supernumerary
Mitchell, George HC Flt Lt Pilot 22 Aug 1969: Feb 1972 to 21 Sqn RAF Andover
Mooney, Denis L Flt Lt 23 Jun 1975 from OCU Andover
Murdoch, CJB Jock Flt Lt Pilot 21 Jul 1970: Feb 1972 to 26 Sqn RAF Wyton

Patrick, RI Flt Lt Aug 1975 posted in supernumerary
Pearson, G Sqn Ldr 5 Aug 1970 outgoing OC207: to be AIR1 HQ 90 Signals Group
Price, KDN Fg Off Pilot 22 Sep 1969 to No20 Hercules Captains Cse, RAF Thorney Island

Reeve, JD John Flt Lt Nav 12 Jan 1970
Rowland Flt Lt Dec 1973 from 21 Sqn
Ryans, RB Robbie Flt Lt Feb 1973 from RAF Waddington: Oct 1975 to 242 OCU RAF Lyneham

Salter, GA Flt Lt Feb 1972 from Bassett OCU, RAF Wyton
Sandford, BV Flt Lt Pilot 4 Jul 1970 to CFS
Singh, VJ Flt Lt Nav 10 Jan 1969
Sorensen, Mike Flt Lt Dec 1971 to RAF Boscombe Down
Stephen, George Flt Lt Pilot Nov 1972 promoted to Squadron Leader: Apr 1974 to 26 Sqn Wyton d1988
Stevenson, A Flt Lt Nav 8 Jun 1969 to 207 Sqn Det Finningley
Stewart, P Sqn Ldr Apr 1974 from 26 Sqn, to 207 Sqn Det Turnhouse
Sturt, GR Flt Lt Nav 7 Jun 1969
Sullivan, Austin Sqn Ldr May 1973 retirement

Thatcher, Mike Fg Off Jul 1971 to RAF Brize Norton
Thompson, GC Flt Lt Nav 20 Aug 69 to 124 Staff Cse Manby: 1 Jan 1970 to RAF Gaydon
Thompson, RI Ron Flt Lt Pilot 4 May 1970 to 207 Sqn Det Lindholme: Feb 1973 to 32 Sqn
Travis, SJ Flt Lt Pilot 4 Jan 1971

Vickers, AGW Alan Flt Lt Pilot tbc: Sep 1972 to HQ 11(F) Group

Webb, JH Flt Lt Oct 1975 from 241 OCU RAF Brize Norton
West, GT Gary Sqn Ldr 27 Mar 73 incoming OC207
White, P Fg Off Pilot 4 Aug 1969
Wood, A Sandy Flt Lt Apr 1974 to 60 Sqn RAF Wildenrath
Woods, ACM Fg Off Feb 1972 from RAF Benson
Wright, RA SAC Apr 1974 from RAF Bruggen: Mar 1975 posted "very competent clerk and sports organiser"
Wrighton, PJ Fg Off Nav tbc: Flt Lt Oct 1971 to RAF Brize Norton for Britannia Ops, from Lindholme Det

A cocktail party was held for leavers on 28 July 1972: Flt Lt RJ Piper, Flt Lt RL Elliott, Flt Lt G Colam, Flt Lt JD Reeve, Flt Lt ME Beard, Flt Lt JH Bosher. [Flt Lt J Reeve was missing due to illness and was dined out in Nov 1972]

207 Sqn ORB mentions the following [presumed to be present when the Communication Squadron was badged as 207]
CGM Butler, F/O Crowther, G Dalton, R Hart, R Piper, M Thatcher, GC Thompson, Wrighton

Other Northolt names recalled:

If you can recall other names from your time with 207 Squadron at Northolt, please contact the editor: those received so far are shown below. If you are one of these names or know someone who is, please contact the editor, Frank Haslam
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S = Association Member N = out of touch with Association + = has died

Beard, Budd Flt Lt DH69/72
Bennett, Paul Flt Lt Navigator DB77/80 S
Blackburn, Les Sqn Ldr Navigator DB77/80
Bryson, Les Flt Lt Pilot DB77/80
Burden, Dicky Flt Lt Pilot DB77/80
Butcher, Derek Flt Lt Pilot DB71/73

Carr, Ian Flt Lt Navigator DB77/80
Carter, ? Flt Lt Pilot DB77/80
Chamberlain, Larry Flt Lt Pilot DB77/80 +?
Chapman, Dennis Flt Lt Pilot DB77/80
Coppins, Butch Flt Lt Navigator DB71/73
Cornish, Sqn Ldr DH69/72
Crowther, Paddy Flt Lt Pilot DB71/73 N

Derbyshire, Dicky Sqn Ldr Navigator DB77/80
Dingwall, Bob Flt Lt Navigator DB77/80
Dinnes, Paddy Sqn Ldr Pilot DB77/80
Dobson, George Flt Lt Navigator DB77/80
Doyle, Flt Lt DH69/72
Duncan, Graham Flt Lt Navigator DB77/80

Easton, John Sqn Ldr Navigator DB71/73
Elder, Pete Flt Lt Pilot DB77/80

Fentum, F/O DH69/72
Fogg, Gordon Flt Lt Navigator DB71/73

Goodman, Benny Sqn Ldr Pilot pre 77DB S
Gray, Flt Lt DH69/72

Hambly, Fred Flt Lt Pilot DB77/80 S
Hart, Dicky Fg Off Navigator DB71/73
Hogg, Jim Flt Lt Navigator see Dec 1979 photo
Hook(e), Larry Flt Lt Pilot DB71/73
Hunter, Doug Flt Lt Pilot DB77/80

Isherwood-Bennett, Mike Pilot ?69 see Pembroke photo

Jones, Murray Flt Lt Pilot DB71/73

Laing, Flt Lt DH69/72
Ling, Flt Lt DH69/72
Livingstone SAC see July 71 photo
Lloyd, John Flt Lt Pilot DB77/80 S

Moody, Dennis Flt Lt Navigator DB77/80

Neate, Ken Sqn Ldr Pilot DB71/73

Perrett, Mike Sqn Ldr Navigator DB77/80 S
Perrin, Dave Flt Lt Pilot DB77/80 N
Piper, Ron Flt Lt Navigator DB71/73
Pocock, Slim Flt Lt Navigator DB77/80 +

Reeves, Martie Flt Lt Pilot DB77/80 N

Slater, Sqn Ldr DH69/72
Sorensen, Mike Flt Lt Navigator DB71/73
Steel, Malcolm Flt Lt Navigator DB77/80

Taylor, Don Flt Lt Pilot DB77/80
Taylor, Des Flt Lt Pilot DB77/80
Taylor, Gerry Flt Lt Navigator DB77/80
Thomas, Dale Flt Lt Pilot DB77/80

Wadey, Glynne Flt Lt Navigator DB77/80
Watts, F/O DH69/72
Wilson, Dave Flt Lt Navigator DB77/80
Woodward, Brian Sqn Ldr Navigator DB77/80

Those recalling names:

DByy/yy - Dennis Buck tours
DH69/72 - via Lesley Hayward, from Dick's Personal Flying Log no.4

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