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No.207 Squadron Royal Air Force operated Lancasters, Lincolns, Washingtons, Canberras and Valiants during the Cold War, principally from RAF Marham 1951-65. Pages on this website dedicated to these aircraft types on 207 Squadron can be seen via the MEMORIES link.

Some of those who served on the Squadron after the withdrawal from service of the Valiant also had, or went on to have, Cold War service on other units.

This page is provided to gather together links and information sources which are considered to be of possible interest to those who served on 207 Squadron RAF who saw service in the Cold War period. It may also be useful to others with similar interests.

We followed with interest the development of the National Cold War Exhibition at the RAF Museum Cosford: see also Google™ search "cold war" +Cosford

The aircraft on display in the exhibition can be seen via http://www.nationalcoldwarexhibition.org/explore/cold-war-exhibition-aircraft.cfm

Snippets from the FlyPast October 2005 reported :

"As well as the airframes, lots of other exhibits, large and small, are being gathered. There's a "substantial" piece of the Berlin wall, a Thor ballistic missile will be coming from Hendon, a submarine launched Polaris missile is already on site, and a Leopard tank are among the artefacts."

"Previously in use with what was the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough, Hampshire, a series of Soviet radar identifier models have been acquired for display. These very impressive items will help swell the 'Communist Bloc'"

"As explained in the FlyPast September [2005] issue's News, Consolidated Liberator VI KN751 will go to the RAF Museum London at Hendon and Vickers Valiant BK.1 XD818 will be coming the other way. The nose of the V-bomber was due to arrive on August 18. Work to dismantle the Liberator was taking place in mid-August and it should have departed by the time these words are read.

"The first airframes moving into the new building will be those that will be 'flown'. Positioning and 'hanging' these will be a challenging task. After that, the 'chess game' moves to the floor area and those airframes destined for the middle area - either side of the split-level. The 'silos' will be positioned and finally, beasts like the Belfast and Valiant, will roll in."

If you wish to suggest other links or sources to be included on this page, or you or a member of your family or a friend had service on 207 Squadron, especially in the Cold War period, please contact the editor.

RAF website - AHB - Post-War History page
Google™ search "cold war" +"royal air force"

Channel 4 UK - Britain's Cold War Superweapons series
(the late President of 207 Sqn RAF Association Wg Cdr Ken Marwood AFM RAF(Retd) took part in the V Bomber programme)

English Heritage - The Cold War

Wikipedia on the Cold War

Cold War Museum (USA)
US National Archives - search on "Air Force" and "Cold War"
National Museum of the US Air Force - Cold War Aircraft

Aircraft downed during the Cold War and thereafter

abebooks.com search on "coldwar" +"air force"

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